Friday, June 12, 2015

Rag doll - update

Hi there everyone,

Today I am at home and suffering with a recurring back problem and unable to do very much about the house or garden.

As I have good reason to sit quietly, I thought I'd work on my doll Bella.

Bella has been loitering at the bottom of my blog pages since the blog began. I first introduced her to you all in February, when, being new to Blogger, I had not found out how to add photos to my posts - I have today added a picture of Bella, as she was then, to my original post. Since February I have made and attached her legs and booties and today I am experimenting with an idea for her hair. 

I have decided on Drizzle stitch, which is new to me! I found a very good tutorial on In a Minute Ago by Sharron Boggon. I am very pleased with the way this stitch looks, but I should warn you that you may need a few needle threaders on hand before you attempt it. I used DMC 3 Coton Perlè which needed a firm hand pulling the threader with the thread through the needle. If the rest of this doll's hair looks as good I will probably be tempted to make a sister doll for Bella.

Drizzle stitch example
Not bad for my first attempt at this stitch.

The idea for her face comes from Doll Making by Runo, which is a slightly unusual blog as there can be no contact with the creator.   This is a shame as I would have liked to have thanked Runo for her ideas and work, but I understand she is only too happy to be able to show everyone how to make dolls (and some stuffed toys too) which is extremely generous of her.

I have since discovered another lovely blog by Runo called Nuno Life! Runo has patterns on her blog for dolls, stuffed toys, clothes for dolls and some clothes patterns for people too, even underpants, but she doesn't sell patterns.

I am quite pleased with the Drizzle stitch so far
I am quite pleased with the Drizzle stitch so far.

I am also finishing a skirt for Bella - the boring bit - stitching in all the cotton ends which you will be able to see in the picture below, although this is inside out.

Bella's skirt, hair and notes
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I hope to show more on this before too long!

Barbara xx


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry that your back is giving you trouble - hope it will right itself soon. Your wee doll looks so cute and just the perfect thing to work on while you heal. Thanks for the links too - some wonderful patterns there. Take care of you!

deanna7trees said...

oh how sweet is your doll. i love making dolls but have only made quite simple ones. ....and the drizzle did a great job as it's not that easy to do. will have to check out those links you shared.

deanna7trees said...
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mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful doll, perfect for little hands. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment.

Annet said...

Those drizzle stitches make for pretty hair! Hope your back is better soon.

susan said...

I love her hair! Can't wait to see her when she's all finished. She's going to be a beauty!

Josie said...

She is looking beautiful, the hair looks amazing! I can't wait to see her finished xx