Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop

Hello Dear Reader,

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

In the cross stitch world Jo of Serendipitous Stitching is well known for her blog hops! Each one is a chance for us to visit blogs we otherwise wouldn't know .....

For today's blog hop a bunch of us have sent Jo a photo of a piece of stitching suitable for a gift to our:

Secret Stitching Sweetheart

Jo has randomly sent those photos out amongst us for us to show on our blogs. The idea now is that we go visit everyone else to find our own piece of work and then let them know it is ours!

If you visit to Jo's blog HERE you can see who is taking part and see what everyone has been stitching!

This is the photo I've received:

I'm looking forward to discovering the owner of this very beautiful needle set!

So now, off we go to Jo's blog to see the list of those taking part. If you are new to cross stitching  you might find ideas there to make you want to start stitching.

Jo always tells us where her patterns are from, and, if you are looking from patterns you could look at some of the heart patterns she listed on this blog post - HERE.

If this is your first visit here I hope something catches your eye and that you will be back to visit again. Don't forget, if you don't say hello in the comments no-one knows you've been here! Tee hee!
But you do need a Google One account to be able to comment.

Next time I hope to show you the project I meant to share today, which was trickier to stitch than I thought, so unfortunately it wasn't finished in time for the blog hop!

Hope you are having a stitchy week!
Barbara xxx

Saturday, February 09, 2019

WIPocolypse - progress and a date for the diary

This is a SAL for the projects we want to finish before the end of the world:

Hosted by Measi's Musings

Unfortunately my list is growing as I remember things I really would like to finish, like "NOW"!

But progress has been slow because its generally the case that when something is put away it has been because the next step is not so easy and needs a little consideration and planning!

Updated list
(Progress is in blue ink)
(Other projects rediscovered)

Cross Stitch:
  1. Camper Van - started last year -  needs handles and picture attaching to front of bag.
  2. Bee needle case - started last year - still needs FFO.
  3. Etoilé thread sampler - framing.
  4. Easter cross stitch piece - framing.
  5. Polka Dot Lady quilt - finishing.
  6. "Stitches" - unfinished.
  7. Night time - finishing.
  8. Tatty Teddy - back stitching and framing.
  1. Polka Dot lady
  2. Dormouse
  3. Laundry day
  4. Name badge (nah, not a lot! Got it out, played with the binding, no inspiration, so it's back on its shelf!!!!
  5. Plus two others - block painting
Assorted Embroidery:
  1. Goldwork picture
  2. Stitch sampler bag
  3. Crewel Work (found in the Dreaded Cupboard)
  1. Luna (another one in the DC)

Some of you might remember the "Camper Van" I stitched in the summer of 2018:

This January I used my new sewing machine to make handles, but as the binding has already been stitched around the top of the pouch I found I needed a different method for adding the handles.
Oops, I'm sure its not really wonky!

After seeing a demonstration of how to use Fimo for Millefiore I decided to drag some out from one of my deepest stash cupboards to make buttons:

But my Fimo is old and needs plenty of working to make it pliable enough to make buttons, so this may take a while!

Our host, Measi, asked what other SALs we are participating in:

  • I mentioned previously that I am joining in with a Pin cushion swap over at Beaquilter - and you may have seen the pincushion I sent in January to Bethan, and I received mine from Meloney. February's pin cushion is still a WIP. And this is the second pincushion I've received in the swap from my super quilting friend Turid of Den syende himmel (visit Turid's blog for lots of wonderful stitching - quilting and pin cushions).

  • there is a hand stitching QAL at Elm Street Quilts but unfortunately I haven't had time to join in after all, but if you are interested it looks a lot of fun!
  • and I am stitching a little something for Jo's (Serendipitous Stitching) Secret Stitching Sweethearts blog hop in a couple of weeks time that I hope I will be able to finish in time!

And even more urgently I need some finishes as the handicraft group I attend has an exhibition of work in March (hopefully before the end of the world, tee hee) and I'd really like to have something to display!

Anyway, here are the deets for anyone who lives nearby:

If any of you are coming do let me know.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Barbara xxx

Friday, January 25, 2019

Smalls SAL

Hi there!

This is my first link up to the Smalls SAL which is being run by Mary of Mary's Threads this year ..... sign up page is HERE.

I recently realised most of my stitching is small, don't know why I hadn't thought of linking to the  SAL before! Of course this could be included in Gifted Gorgeousness too, but I couldn't wait to show you all!

Friday, January 18, 2019

1st Gifted Gorgeousness of 2019

Hello Dear Reader,

Here is my first post for Gifted Gorgeousness in 2019. Find out more about who is joining in with Gifted Gorgeousness over on Jo’s blog - Serendipidous Stitching - HERE.

 Here is the logo Jo stitched for our 2019 banner:

Yay! Lookie here! 
I've finally worked out how to upload/download photos from other blogs!  Tee hee!
Always with permission from the owner, of course!

I'm taking part in a Pin Cushion Swap over at Beaquilter, and you can see other pincushions that have been made and posted HERE. It's the first ever swap I've joined, and I have been really nervous about taking part, here is this first pinny I've received. It came all the way from America from Meloney who blogs at ..... Mel’s Quilting Blog

Sunday, January 13, 2019

WIPocolypse - edited 18.01.18

Happy New Year All

Well ..... now I've worked out how to add photos from other people's blogs, I can join Measi's link up (if it is still open) which needed a photo before it would accept my post (updated 18.01.18).]

Well, I realise I absolutely must join in with Measi's WIPocolypse if I am ever to finish all the WIP's that have accumulated on my Shelf of Shame. Or maybe I'm too late to link up, but anyway ..... you can read all about it and maybe link up too HERE.

So, if you don't already know, this is a fun SAL where we link up to try to encourage ourselves to finish those lurking WIPs that have become UFO's.......

Measi has asked us to introduce ourselves, soooo here goes  ......

Hi, I'm Barbara, blogging from South East England.

I live with my long suffering DH (Darling Hubbie) and two little monsters (cats).

DH and I are both retired and, when the monsters allow us time off from caring for them we scan the interweb searching for veggie/vegan restaurants to inspect/approve. We both enjoy reading, and strangely enough we like the same type of books, mainly historical fiction.

This year I am going to try to FFO (fully finish off) a few of my unfinished stitching projects (all previously blogged about).

I am definitely not a OAAT (one at a time) stitcher and so my list is endless!!  These are a few I'd really like to finish, and this year would be good:

Cross Stitch:
  1. Camper Van - started last year - just needs handles.
  2. Bee needle case - started last year - just needs FFO.
  3. Etoilé thread sampler - needs framing.
  4. Easter cross stitch piece - framing.
  5. Polka Dot Lady quilt - finishing.
  6. "Stitches" - unfinished.
  7. Night time - finishing.
  8. Tatty Teddy 
  1. Polka Dot lady
  2. Dormouse
  3. Laundry day
  4. Name badge
  5. Plus two others
Assorted Embroidery:
  1. Goldwork picture
  2. Stitch sampler bag

I just know there are others I've overlooked but I'll add them later.

Pin cushion swap

I've recently joined a Pin Cushion Swap over at "Beaquilter" and I really must press on, unfortunately though ....... my sewing machine died last week, and this week DH and I have been searching the Internet trying to decide what new machine to get. Some friends have made suggestions and I've been investigating those machines but its so hard to decide, so for now all my stitching is by hand.

I've finished January's pin cushion and just need to post it to its recipient. Then I hope to be back to show the pin cushion I have already received.

Hand Stitch QAL

There is a Hand Stitching QAL over at Patty Dudek's blog - Elm Street Quilts, and, as I am already hand stitching by necessity I will see how I go at joining in!

Barbara xxx