Friday, July 19, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness / A Friendly blog Celebration / and WIP

Hello Dear Reader,

When visiting Mia of Craftartista a while ago I saw a picture of a crocheted Frida Khalo in Mia's list of blog friends. I had to investigate ...... it looked so cute! I loved the blog I discovered (with lots of crochet) - the  blog of Mariela - “Inspired by my Loves” ...... and I started following her!

It will be Mariela's 7th Blog Anniversary on the 20th July and she asked friendly bloggers to join her celebrations. I couldn't resist!! Tee hee! So I am joining up with her today for her "Long Live Friendship" post.

Happy 7th Blogaversay, Mariela!

Mariela asked us to introduce ourselves to any “new to us” bloggers, so, here goes:

"Hello", my name is Barbara and I live in England. I love stitching! Here on my blog you will see many crafts: embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork, quilting, knitting, and yet to come - crochet. I especially like to make pouches and bags,  oh, and not forgetting pin cushions ..... all very useful, aren’t they!

I love to join in with link parties and will also be linking to Jo of Serendipitous Stitching (a cross stitcher) for her Gifted Gorgeousness link Party.

I don’t have any cross stitching to show today, but I hope to have some ready next month.

Gifted Gorgeousness is a link party primarily where we show any cross stitch gifts we’ve given or received in the past month, but some of us do other crafts too! Hence, my latest WIP (Work in Progress) is actually quilting!

While I was stitching, last week, I got sidetracked ..... twice!
Stitched using 2 strands Anchor 76

First there was a friend’s birthday coming up, so I made a gift bag from a tutorial I found at “Charmed by Ashley”

And, secondly, my Mum happened to mention she was losing stitches from the ends of her double pointed knitting needles, sooo I got looking for a solution. I found a great tutorial at Joanna Olson’s blog, “The Nome Knitter” HERE. The idea is that you pop your needles in the pouch (with the knitting on them) and by pressing the poppers shut you stop the stitches escaping!

Unfortunately I don't have any knitting in progress, so I have to leave that a little to your imagination, tee hee!

Oh, and I’ve just I’ve found a second idea I will test soon, from Tracy’s blog Mad Quilter.

But back to the gift bag .....

Such an easy pattern to put together .....

except, I decided to make an insert to keep the bag open, not that it really needs it, but I thought my friend might want to use it as a bag or possibly give it to someone else with a gift in.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding a popper, for closure! 

Anyway, it is now fully finished and waiting to go to its new home!

And I'm already planning the next one!

So, you've seen a sample of the things I love to blog about ..... I hope you have enjoyed your visit and that you might like to return here again. To make that easy you can either subscribe to receive emails, become a "follower" or follow via Bloglovin' I don't have a link set up, but you can find me there as "The Flashing Scissors"

Right! I'm off to see what all my blogging friends, new and old, have been up to!!

Why not come along with me and visit them at:


Barbara xxx

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - May 2019

Hello my friends,

Today I’m joining up with Jo’s Gifted Gorgeousness ..... I’m a wee bit late actually, tee hee, but I had three little projects I really wanted to finish for this month, and I’ve done it!! Just in time.....

Gifted Gorgeousness is a SAL for showing any gifts we have received or given during the month ..... you can read more over at Jo’s blog - Serendipitous Stitching.(see link at bottom of this post)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - The Pincushion you've all been waiting to see .....

Hello Dear Reader,

I'm pleased to be able to join Jo's "Gifted Gorgeousness" today, to show you the gift I sent to my swap partner in Bea's Pincushion Swap.

Some time ago I had seen this lovely doggie pincushion, but I never thought I would actually make one because I wouldn't want to stick pins into him!

When I found that the lady I was sending to was a dog lover, I felt "this was meant to be"!! (Links at end of post)

Truth told, I think I sent a teeny bit of my heart with this little guy, 'cos by the time I finished making him he was hard to send away in the post!!!  So I guess that makes him "made with love".....

And then, so he won't have to have pins stuck in him I had to make another pincushion to go with him! But then I felt he had to have a rug to sleep on (just as every stitcher needs a needle case .... or two). 

Luckily, around this time, my blogging friend - Turid - wrote a tutorial for a needle case which I felt could double as a rug for my little pincushion!

Thank you Turid, for your timely tutorial! (link at foot of post) 
and I just know I will be making more of these!

Oops, nearly forgot! I took this next shot to show some of the stitches on my new sewing machine, but maybe I should have taken more of a close up! Tee hee!
And one last piccy of him with his rug and bone .......

I do hope Debra, will like him! I certainly enjoyed making him!

Now, I'm off to visit everyone over at Jo's place! 
And while writing I'd like to thank Jo for running this lovely party each month! "Thank you Jo!"

Barbara xxxx

Gifted Gorgeousness Link Party at Jo's place (Serendipitous Stitching)