Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Splendid Sampler - A start at last!

Have you seen The Splendid Sampler, organised by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson? If not you can find details here.

Like many of my blogging friends, I joined up! Then I thought "Just what am I doing!" As if I haven't enough stitching going on! But it's OK - there's no pressure, no-one expects us to keep up. And Pat suggests if we do get left behind, to carry on with the latest block and catch up when we can!

The first block was released on Valentines Day and from then onwards 2 block patterns are being issued each week for 52 weeks (on Sundays and Thursdays).

This is my first block, in progress:

Testing colours!
Block 1

But I decided the green pattern was too busy, and I've changed it to match the outer triangles. The embroidery is nothing to do with the block, by the way, just thought they looked pretty together!

Finished 1st block!

As each block is issued there are links to tips on how to stitch them.

I have to admit I have appliqued the heart in the method I'm used to, which means that I make a template, cut my fabric adding a seam allowance, stitch a running stitch around the edge of the heart, pull the stitches tight around the template, press the fabric, leave overnight to "set", then stitch onto the background with very tiny stitches.

On Friday evening I will be sorting fabric and hopefully making more blocks for my Splendid Sampler Quilt, and then later joining in with Friday Night With Friends (FNwF) over on Cheryll's blog to show what I've stitched.

See you again soon!

Barbara xx

Edited to add:
Linking to Esther Aliu's WIPs on Wednesday Link Party


  1. Lovely project to work on at FNwF... See you there...xox

  2. What fun! I like your colour choices. This will be fun to watch develop.

  3. The green was ok, but the purple is really fab!

  4. Lovely project - the purple hearts looks perfect

  5. I was on the Splendid Sampler site and wow, what a great project. I love your first block.

  6. Beautiful block Barbara... I love your fabric choices! This is a fun project and I will look forward to watching for future blocks! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  7. They are both beautiful. My favorite colors, too. Have a great day!

  8. I like the contrast of the green, both pretty blocks!

  9. Ooh, me too though I am slower than an arthritic turtle! Just cut out the last block, now to gather the courage to stitch. Well done on your hearts a flutter, so pretty.

  10. Lovely project, thank you for

  11. I'm always too scared to do anything like this as I know I would be the one 'left behind'! I just love that block though and so beautifully stitched xx

  12. A great start, I've been thinking about starting it too but I'm trying hard to resist, perhaps I'll just watch you make it instead!

  13. Lovely work as always. A wonderful project.

  14. I love your method for appliqué. You make it sound so simple.
    Your square and embroidery are beautiful.

    1. Thank you for visiting and for your sweet comment Susan.
      Can't wait to see your blog, I'll be over to visit shortly.
      Barbara xx

  15. Oh I do love your block in purples, although purple and green is a great combo too! I have sew 4 quilts in purple and laverders and one in greens and purples. I want to sew more!

  16. Oh I do love your block in purples, although purple and green is a great combo too! I have sew 4 quilts in purple and laverders and one in greens and purples. I want to sew more!


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