Monday, February 08, 2016

Another update - 3 WIPs

Hello Dear Reader,

At the risk of losing you, my lovely reader, did you see the pictures in the newspapers last week of Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat and his promotion?  He's a proper sweetie - not to be missed - a real heart warming tale, and if you haven't already been convinced to look for him he even has his own Facebook page!

This week I have been working on:

1. Cocoa Sampler

January 2016
This is where I was last time!

I stitched teddy's face, his bed, the spoon at the bottom right, and the start of a milk bottle and the turquoise and mauve background. Not a lot, I know, but it is growing!

Teddy, spoon and milk bottle

2. Mini Thread Catcher/Mini Needlecase

Nearly there!

Prepping the base!

Second view of preparing the base.

Lots of pins helped me to stitch the base in place.  It's not perfect, and it was tricky stitching as it is so small.

Stitching the base - Needlecase.

Finish base - Needlecase
This is just to show the grippy plastic base
I have used, hopefully to stop it falling over too often!

Almost finished!
Almost finished - but I feel it needs a lid ........

3. Knitting

Nearly finished the second front. Now need to finish knitting the back to match the length of the fronts, and then I have the front bands to add - not my favourite job!

Perhaps you can see both fronts laid on top of the back?

The weather is so changeable! As soon as the sun comes out I tend to put my knitting away, and when it is cold and windy I wonder why I haven't finished it yet!


I am joining Super Mom - No Cape for her Vintage Embroidery Monday & Stitchery Link Party. If you have a few minutes free do have a look to see what super projects others are stitching! And Susan has some lovely Vintage embroidery stitchery motifs if you are hoping to stitch something for a loved one for Valentine's day.


You might also like to visit Kim of Wisdom With Needle & Thread who is celebrating 3 years of blogging with weekly giveaways throughout February, go here to see details. 

Do have a look around, Kim has a lovely blog with lots of stitching and doll making.


While I was sitting typing this in my kitchen, the sun has been shining in the window and making everything look wonderful. But now I can see the weather is changing and we are starting to get some of the rain they have been forecasting for us here in Southern England! So take care out there folks, the rain has started but do have a lovely week despite what the weather throws at you!!

Thank you for looking in. It's always exciting to see what you have to say, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Barbara xx


  1. Thank you for the wonderful story about Felix! So nice that she's had an official promotion and now can wear something that makes her stand out. Love stories like that! Great progress on your cross stitch project and your little thread catcher/needle case is adorable.

  2. Your needlecase is adorable. Nice progress on your other projects.

  3. Lovely stitching! Your needle case in particular is beautiful.

  4. Hello Barbara! You have done a great job with your cross stitch... it is a really cute design and I love your needle case. It is very wet and very windy here today! I'm just off to follow your link and read about Felix! Christine x

  5. Cocoa sampler is a lovely design, really nice stitching.

  6. Lovely to catch up on your WIP's, they are all looking great, but oh gosh, that thread catcher, that is wonderful!!!! xx

  7. Lovely needlecase, you stitchery and knitting are progressing nicely. Have a great day

  8. All of your projects are beautiful. I love the cocoa sampler. Enjoy your stitching.

  9. Well done on your progress.Your needle case is looking very sweet.

  10. Hi Barbara. Gosh you have been busy. I'm having a hard start to this year. I am determined that today I will stitch, besides crochet. Sew stitching. Embroidery for sure.
    xx, Carol

  11. Cocoa sampler looking great, really pretty little needlecase.

  12. Your needle case is gorgeous, so nicely assembled. And thanks for the clear tutorial pictures.
    Nice progress on your knitting and the Cocoa Sampler.

  13. You have been busy! Your needle case is a great idea and looks so cute :o)
    Hugs xx

  14. Dear Barbara
    I thought I'd just pop over and say hello! You have obviously been very busy with your projects - I have far too many things on the go at once and really need to get some of them finished!
    Best wishes

  15. What a great story about the Station Cat! We do love our animals here.
    Nice progress on your sampler too.

  16. Thanks for sharing about Felix - such a cute story. Lovely craftiness on your part, too.

  17. Love your projects - particularly that dinky (yet elaborate!) thread catcher! Very cute! Thanks for sharing your projects! Plum x


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