Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Hand stitchery Link Party

Hello friends, old and new, hope you are keeping well!

I am linking to Super Mom - No Cape for her Vintage Embroidery Monday and Hand Stitchery Link Party.

Also linking to Esther Aliu's WIPs on Wednesday linky party.

Not really had much time for stitching over the last couple of weeks but here's a little bit of hand stitching that I did manage!

Cocoa Sampler:

Previously my sampler looked like this and, after some frogging:

For a little more cross stitch why not pop over to see me on Friday Frolics and see my Tatty Teddy progressing, and perhaps you would like to visit some of the other stitchers there!

Mini Thread Catcher/Mini Needlecase:

Oops, only noticed as I added the photographs, they are a little dark - something to do with the time of year, and maybe my untrained photography!

A quick recap, in case you are new to my blog, this patchwork project started life as a threadcatcher, but almost immediately became a Mini Needlecase, although maybe I should have called it a sewing pouch? But I've kind of gotten used to calling it my Mini Needlecase!

Anyway, I digress, the Needlecase is approx. 4" tall, 7" including handles, has four pockets for: tape measure, pencil, seam ripper and one to hold my needlethreader; a small tin of pins sits nicely in the bottom, and there is space for a cotton reel and my fold down scissors

Mini Needlecase - options
Deciding on a lid for my Mini Needlecase.
Second option
Another option!

I'm going with the second option, as this is the same fabric I used for the pockets.

Patchwork square
The patchwork square wasn't big enough,
so back to work to make it bigger!
Stitching in action
More hand stitching!
Contents of needlecase
These fit nicely in my Needlecase.
Contents of needlecase (2)
Not sure why one picture wasn't enough!
But ... wait, it was probably because my
original version wanted to be in the picture
Travel stitching!
It might look crowded but it keeps everything
handy for travel stitching!
Needlecase tucked into my handbag!
... and tucks nicely in my little handbag!

I intend to finish the closure and pincushion for my Mini Needlecase by next week!

My knitting, although it is almost finished, has been sadly neglected whilst I've been deciding how to finish my Needlecase!

Hope you are getting more stitching done than I am!

Thank you for popping by, and don't forget to go and have a look at the amazing stitching of the other bloggers who have joined Super Mom - No Cape's link party.

Have a great week!


Barbara xx


Christine B said...

Hello Barbara! Great progress on your cocoa sampler and I just love your mini needlecase! Looking forward to seeing it finished! Have a lovely week! Christine x

Deb said...

Nice progress on the Cocoa Sampler, the little needle cases are sweet, love the colors you are using.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your needlecase is absolutely perfect!! I don't have a 'thing' or anything over hussifs and needlecases...nope, not moi.

Renee said...

Love seeing progress on your Cocoa Sampler! Your needlecase is fabulous. :) (Magpie's Mumblings' comment made me giggle.)

KimM said...

Your needlecase is so pretty. I love the colors you've chosen. And the progress on the sampler is great.

Tiffstitch said...

Nice work on the needlecase and sampler.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your needle case looks lovely and holds everything you need. Great idea for stitching on the go too.

Brigitte said...

Your little needle case looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the lid finished.

Glenda said...

Such a cute wee bag, you must get lots of nice comments on it. Cheers Glenda

Sheryl said...

Love your needlecase Barbara, so pretty.