Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday's Stitching Ground

This post was inspired by Astrid "(of Dragon Stitches & Stuff)".

Here's is my favorite stitching place ......

and this was what I was working on - for the Valentine's Blog Hop, ha! when I thought I'd write this post (I know, it's been a while! I've been making pincushions and trying to finish work for my handicraft group's exhibition) .

If you visit regularly you might know I didn't finish the above in time and instead showed this as my piece for my Secret Stitching Sweetheart (you can see the Blog Hop HERE )

and on my blog you will have seen:


But back to the present time, and here's "The Boss" keeping an eye on me ..... well, I think  he's giving me the evil eye actually
as he thinks I shouldn't be stitching and he should be sitting on my lap, NOW!!

Anyway, now you know where I'll be stitching this evening with my little "helper" and I'll be working on one of these projects:

Are you stitching tonight? And if "yes" what are you making?

I hope to be back soon with some finishes!

Until next time,
Barbara xxx

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Gifted Georgeousness - March

Remember me?

I've been meaning to write a post to say hello, but the time kept evading me!

I'm losing track, am I reporting on February, or March?

If Gifted Gorgeousness is new to you pop over to Jo’s blog - Serendipidous Stitching - to read more about it: HERE

In February I was making a pincushion for Bea of Beaquilter as part of her pincushion swap.

Because of my dead sewing machine (and the fact that I was scared of the new one) I was late sending Bea her pincushion, [oh, it might also have been because I stitched the pincushion entirely by hand]. Unfortunately, the post took ages too! But I see from pictures on her blog that my parcel finally arrived! Yay!!! (Hope you like the pincushion Bea! and I'm sorry to have been so late!)

 I couldn't resist making a thread catcher to go with the pincushion:
This is how I'm going to use mine
 when I have time to make another one, for me!

Despite such a busy month this was all I had to share for Gifted Gorgeousness.

STOP PRESS: I have just received this lovely pincushion from Margun (no blog) from Norway .... Thank You Margun.
I love the pins Margun!
Such gorgeous fabric too!

I will be over to visit everyone, but I just wanted to touch base here so you don't think I've totally given up blogging! Tee hee!

Love you, been missing you!
Keep in touch!
Barbara xxx