Sunday, September 01, 2019

Friendly Challenge 116 - Cactus

Belatedly I am showing you my Cactus project:
I had hoped I would have this finished for the Friendly Challenge ..... but unfortunately I have had problems with my back, and been unable to sleep very much, meaning I was unable to work on my stitching or spend time at the computer writing this post. 

I had intended writing another one of my tutorials!! Tee hee! but I'm sure you all know how to make a bag by now! I used lots of different stitches and had wanted to list them all ..... but as it is painful to sit for too long I am trying to keep this short (you ought to see a long post!! tee hee!)

My fabric is Osnaburg, lined with cotton wadding because it is a nice combination for embroidery ..... you can hide cotton ends in the wadding easily! The only down-side is that Osnaburg frays terribly. When I have more time I would normally hem stitch the edges before starting.

Osnaburg is what they call a utility fabric, useful for tea towels, serviettes and the like. It is also very good for embroidery ..... because of its open weave.
Reverse of work - finishing stitches in cotton wadding

Not quite finished! Just need to stitch the lining in place, complete one handle, then stitch both handles in position.

I had hoped to join the Friendly Challenge No 116 being held at El Taller de L'Ana.

Perhaps you will come along with me to see what other friends have made for the day!

Apologies for being late Ana! I kept thinking I would finish in time .....

Barbara xx