Thursday, July 30, 2020

A tiny finish for Gifted Gorgeousness - July 2020

A big “Hello” to all my blogging friends!

This month I actually have a tiny cross stitch finish to share. 
I’m linking to Jo’s Gifted Gorgeousness and as I don’t often have small finishes I am  taking the opportunity to link to  Mary’s “Small Finishes” also!

I haven’t been shopping since the lockdown began here in March and suddenly realised it was our friends anniversary coming up. So out came all my old cross stitch magazines while I searched for ideas. I was going to stitch a wine bottle with a white blank label but hubby said that no bottle would have a blank label, so I added a backstitched pattern on it.  Then there were patterns for champagne flutes but nothing with red wine so I drafted my own glasses, shorter and wider. 

I know it’s only a small piece but still a lot of love went into it!

Excuse the hasty photos. Once the stitching was finished and attached to the card I had to race to catch the post (well hubby did actually!) for it to arrive in good time. 

Greetings card - Anniversary

Greetings card - Anniversary

So now I’m looking for something similar to whet my appetite for more cross stitching!

I do hope everyone is keeping safe and well, and getting lots of stitching done!!!!

Barbara xxx