Sunday, May 22, 2022

GG - Birds and things

 Hello Dear Reader.

Hello my lovely friends, today I'm joining Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for Gifted Gorgeousness where we shoehorn in any stitching that even remotely comes under the title of "gift"!  Read all about it on Jo's blog (Serendipitous Stitching) and to see what everyone else has stitched visit Jo HERE


Aaaaargh! Last post I asked for help with line spacing and the lovely Jo (yes, same Jo as mentioned above) told me how to do it! And what have I done? Only forgotten to put the code before I started typing! Aaargh! Must try and remember next time!


It was only as I started to type this post that I realised there were a few birds involved, and I will start with this Robin!

This is the letter "E" that I tried to stitch for Jo's last Blog Hop ..... but didn't leave enough time to fully finish - now finished, although not Fully Finished Off..

Pattern from CrossStitcher Magazine
( Issue 351 Dec 2019 )
Stitched on: tea dyed aida

And, just because I love the Robin here's a close-up

This is included in Gifted Georgeousness because I am going to send it to Claire of Aimetu's Stitching for the Annual Christmas tree she displays in her church, although it won't be leaving me just yet as I want to stitch a second accompany it!


Secondly - oh no! I've just realised the photo doesn't show the little bird very well! But anyway the pattern for this was one of the very generous freebies from the lovely Melisa of Pinker & Punkin Quilting.

"A Basket of Spring"
Tea Dyed Aida
Pattern : Melisa of Pinker & Punkin Quilting

At the time of writing this post we had a beautiful pheasant visiting us and I kept trying to take a photo but every time is saw me in the window it flew off!!!!

As you can see, this time was no different!


And lastly, and only because this shows a bird, - here is my "current stitching". coming along slowly.

Oh, and here is another visit from that elusive bird, but why does he have to stand with one foot in the water bowl?????? Funny critta!

And here we are - hiding again!

Oops, and "just because" another project I've been working on lately - until I found I've run out of one of the colours!!!! 

Right, I'm off to visit a few blogs now, and maybe stitch a few stitches later!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Barbara xxx