Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finishes and WIPs

Hello Dear Reader,

I hope you've had a great week! I have! I finished three little projects from some of my fabric mountain! That's got to be good, hasn't it? Then I found some inspiration from Amanda Jean's one-a-day pin-cushion challenge - here, and despite not needing one, I think I'm going to be making a skinny, long, pin-cushion like Amanda Jean's No 156!

I made a peg-bag to replace my tatty old one, using Benta's pattern, which you will find here, using Benta's measurements, although she didn't stipulate how much of a scoop to make on the front sections, so I made mine approximately one inch deep, which has luckily turned out just right! I wasn't sure exactly where to place the straps ... so I placed them adjacent to the seams.

Peg bag

When the strap is around the neck the sides hang inwards, making a good sized opening for a hand to pick up pegs.

Peg bag

Peg bag

The bag hangs very nicely round one's neck, and gapes open sufficiently to remove the pegs easily ..... and I've already used it in the rain, pulling the washing off the line fast! It does the job, just right.

Thanks for the tutorial, Benta!


Earlier this year I had made one of our neighbour's a Tissue Cover, and recently she asked if I would make one for her DIL. Once I started I couldn't stop, so I made one for her DIL, and one for one of my friends.

Tissue cover
Tissue cover
I couldn't remember how I'd made the previous Tissue Cover, but good old Pinterest came to the rescue! I used the tutorial by WhimWham. and added a little handle, to make it easier to find and grab, in my bag.

And just so I don't forget again, the measurements were: 

Strap : 1" x 10", 
Outer  : 6" x 7",
Inner : 6" x 8"

Next time I will place one centre edge over the other for a tighter opening, but otherwise I was very happy with the finish. 


The Splendid Sampler ..... another finish!

Splendid Sampler


Firstly, I have another Splendid Sampler sampler block in progress. I thought it would be quick, but not so ... I cannot decide what fabrics to use!

Splendid Sampler

And, secondly, in a few quiet minutes, with a new magnifying glass, I've added some stitches to my Cocoa Sampler.

Cocoa Sampler

I've been meaning to join in with Kaye and her friends at Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics, maybe I will  get the chance this week now my needle has had some practice once more!

Thank you for visiting. I do hope you found something to interest you, and if you leave a comment or become a friend of my blog, I will be able to visit you too!

I love discovering new friends to visit, it's one of the main reasons for blogging, right? Isn't it?


Barbara xx

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