Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Hand stitchery Link Party

Hello friends, old and new, hope you are keeping well!

I am linking to Super Mom - No Cape for her Vintage Embroidery Monday and Hand Stitchery Link Party.

Also linking to Esther Aliu's WIPs on Wednesday linky party.

Not really had much time for stitching over the last couple of weeks but here's a little bit of hand stitching that I did manage!

Cocoa Sampler:

Previously my sampler looked like this and, after some frogging:

For a little more cross stitch why not pop over to see me on Friday Frolics and see my Tatty Teddy progressing, and perhaps you would like to visit some of the other stitchers there!

Mini Thread Catcher/Mini Needlecase:

Oops, only noticed as I added the photographs, they are a little dark - something to do with the time of year, and maybe my untrained photography!

A quick recap, in case you are new to my blog, this patchwork project started life as a threadcatcher, but almost immediately became a Mini Needlecase, although maybe I should have called it a sewing pouch? But I've kind of gotten used to calling it my Mini Needlecase!

Anyway, I digress, the Needlecase is approx. 4" tall, 7" including handles, has four pockets for: tape measure, pencil, seam ripper and one to hold my needlethreader; a small tin of pins sits nicely in the bottom, and there is space for a cotton reel and my fold down scissors

Mini Needlecase - options
Deciding on a lid for my Mini Needlecase.
Second option
Another option!

I'm going with the second option, as this is the same fabric I used for the pockets.

Patchwork square
The patchwork square wasn't big enough,
so back to work to make it bigger!
Stitching in action
More hand stitching!
Contents of needlecase
These fit nicely in my Needlecase.
Contents of needlecase (2)
Not sure why one picture wasn't enough!
But ... wait, it was probably because my
original version wanted to be in the picture
Travel stitching!
It might look crowded but it keeps everything
handy for travel stitching!
Needlecase tucked into my handbag!
... and tucks nicely in my little handbag!

I intend to finish the closure and pincushion for my Mini Needlecase by next week!

My knitting, although it is almost finished, has been sadly neglected whilst I've been deciding how to finish my Needlecase!

Hope you are getting more stitching done than I am!

Thank you for popping by, and don't forget to go and have a look at the amazing stitching of the other bloggers who have joined Super Mom - No Cape's link party.

Have a great week!


Barbara xx

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Five on Friday

Hi there!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog last week, and I hope you won't mind me taking you on another walk around our wonderful Common. There is something different to see every time we visit!

Linking to Amy's Love Made My Home, my Five on Friday are:

  1. Gliders
  2. Gates
  3. Ancient woodland
  4. A possible WWII bomb crater
  5. Old R Whites lemonade bottles

This Friday we had another cold but bright day here in SE England, and DH and I made a point of taking a refreshing walk, while the sun shone.

The gliders were flying again today!

There are so many different gates, and this well worn track is the route the Commons' Rangers' use when transporting the sheep and cattle that are kept here.

Leading to the old airfield.

Another attempt to get that perfect photo of a glider

We walked through some trees where volunteers have been clearing the shrubs to improve conditions for this Ancient Woodland. Bluebells are already beginning to sprout from the leafmould.

WWII bomb crater!
This tree could be growing out of what we
 consider to be a  bomb crater
- other bomb craters are visible elsewhere.

The woodland is situated at the end of an airfield which was heavily bombed during the Battle of Britain (in WWII).  The worst occurence happened on what is known famously as "The longest day", when the air raid was particularly severe.

Clearing scrub in ancient woodlands
The volunteer group has been really busy.
The log piles are being left
for beetles and other wildlife to live in.

Ancient tree
How old this tree must be! 

Same old tree!

Another view of the ancient woodland and clearing beyond

Old bottles!
The bottle on the left could be
an old milk bottle.

In amongst the trees we spotted these old bottles.  On the one on the right (green one) we could make out R WHITES.  It looked like someone had been trying to dig them out. DH had a go at pulling them out too! They were stuck fast. I think the tree roots must be growing into them.

Once back home, I googled R Whites' bottles and found a blog with some information on the bottles and then wondered how old they would be and whether anyone was selling or buying them. I found them on eBay but they are only worth about £2, in good condition, and then depending on whether they were clear or green glass, and this one looks green.

Whites lemonade bottle
The writing says "WHITE"

How bottles used to be ..... very strong!
Another old bottle, can you see how thick
 the glass was? Possibly 6mm!

This one leads the way!
Then it was one gate after another! ......
The way home!
..... leading us back home!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today, and if you haven't visited Amy's, Love Made My Home yet, I recommend that you take a little time to pop over and see what others have to say on "Five on Friday".

Maybe another week you might like to join in too!

I wish you all a Very Happy Weekend, and I hope to see you again soon.

Barbara xx

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter's walk - Five on Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I'm afraid I'm late as usual! But I wanted to congratulate Dear Amy, of Love Made my Home, on the first anniversary of her very successful "Five on Friday"!

There is still time, this week, if you would like to join in, as Amy is keeping the link open until 7pm UK Time on Thursday 25th February, 2016.

She has crocheted a lovely heart garland giveaway for this special link-up!

You can read how Amy's link-up works here.


Without further ado here is, or should it be are, (?) my "Five on Friday":

These are a few photographs I took this week at the end of a gloriously sunny, but extremely cold day.

All pictures were taken around the edge of our little local airfield.

View on the airfield
The glorious view that met us at the summit of the hill 
Glider taking off
As we were admiring the view a glider had just taken off -
not easy to photograph, when the target keeps moving!
Dog walkers
There are always plenty of dog walkers around,
enjoying the freedom of the open space. 
Glider landing
Just managed to catch the last glider of the day landing!
Searching for that elusive shot!
Still trying to get that perfect shot!

I took lots more pictures, but I think "Five" is probably just enough to show what a lovely afternoon/early evening it was!

Here's wishing you many more "Five on Friday"'s Amy! Thank you for running your link-up!

And for any stitchers amongst you, I hope to be back here tomorrow, if the light is good enough for some photos!


Barbara xx

Monday, February 15, 2016

Secret Valentine

Hello Dear Reader,

A brief follow up to yesterday's post!

Thank you to everyone who joined in, and to those who commented on my blog post! Wasn't it fun! I certainly hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! It was great to see so many "New to me" blogs and meet new friends, and I am looking forward to returning to read more of your blogs.


Just to clarify, my own project was featured on Deborah Richardson's blog - A Patchwork of Crafts.

Unfortunately I found I was unable to comment on Deborah's blog, so many apologies for leaving you wondering who your stitching partner was, Deborah! (I sent you an explanatory email, which I hope you received).

This is my stitching, which was a present for my mother.

Mum's Knitting Notes Pouch
Mum's knitting notes pouch

Should you wish to know more about my pouch you can read about it here!


You will have seen this wonderful picture, here on my blog:

Stitched by Astrid of Dragon Stitches and Stuff by Astrid

which was stitched by Astrid's Dragon of Dragon Stitches and Stuff by Astrid.


A big Thank You, once again to Jo for organising the blog hop, it was great fun!

Don't forget Jo has some lovely extra links on her SSS post - which I haven't looked at yet! Will be over to visit later, Jo!

Have a great week everyone. Thank you all for popping by.


Barbara xx

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop

Hello Dear Readers, old friends and new!

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you for looking in today.

This Valentine's Day I am joining Jo at Serendipitous Stitching for her blog hop:

Secret Stitching Sweethearts

If you are not here from the blog hop then let me suggest you come along and visit Jo's blog where we will find the list of those participating.

We all sent Jo a photograph of a sweet stitching project suitable for a lovely friend, which she has then allocated to a Secret Stitching Sweetheart.

Each Secret Stitching Sweetheart will show the photograph she has received on her blog and will be waiting for her mystery friend to identify themselves.

This is the photograph I have received:

I wonder whose beautiful stitching it is?

Come along with me and join in the fun as we all look for our Secret Stitching Sweethearts over at Jo's place ..... click  here! And I see Jo also has links to some freebie stitching designs, what are you waiting for?.....

If you haven't already discovered my Tatty Teddy cross stitching, you can see TT on Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics (although I haven't posted this weekend yet!). Look forward to seeing you there too!

Have a super Valentine's Day!

Barbara xx

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nancy's Giveaways!

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe 

has some lovely giveaways:

First a Valentine's giveaway!

The very generous Nancy is holding a Valentine's Day giveaway for two lucky people.

The first gift is a red necessaire filled with red heart buttons, wooden painted heart buttons, heart chams, sewing charms, lace trims, Nancy's signature felted wool button bag and needle pages, and a skein of her floss in Valentine Red!

The second gift is two of her Quaker chart packs.

The draw is on February 14th so hurry and enter!

Pop over and leave a comment here for a chance to win!

Good luck everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!


Secondly a Floss Box Giveaway
A choice of three boxes:

  • Pretty in Pink - all shades of soft pink, cherry pink, coral pink, etc
  • Ultimate Brown Tones - tans, rust, browns, rust, copper etc
  • Ultimate Purple Collection - lilacs, purple, variegated and tone on tone colours.
12 skeins, 240 yards per box - Very limited editions.

YOU pick which collection you want!

The draw will be on February 28th.

Pop over and leave a comment here for a chance to win!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Another update - 3 WIPs

Hello Dear Reader,

At the risk of losing you, my lovely reader, did you see the pictures in the newspapers last week of Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat and his promotion?  He's a proper sweetie - not to be missed - a real heart warming tale, and if you haven't already been convinced to look for him he even has his own Facebook page!

This week I have been working on:

1. Cocoa Sampler

January 2016
This is where I was last time!

I stitched teddy's face, his bed, the spoon at the bottom right, and the start of a milk bottle and the turquoise and mauve background. Not a lot, I know, but it is growing!

Teddy, spoon and milk bottle

2. Mini Thread Catcher/Mini Needlecase

Nearly there!

Prepping the base!

Second view of preparing the base.

Lots of pins helped me to stitch the base in place.  It's not perfect, and it was tricky stitching as it is so small.

Stitching the base - Needlecase.

Finish base - Needlecase
This is just to show the grippy plastic base
I have used, hopefully to stop it falling over too often!

Almost finished!
Almost finished - but I feel it needs a lid ........

3. Knitting

Nearly finished the second front. Now need to finish knitting the back to match the length of the fronts, and then I have the front bands to add - not my favourite job!

Perhaps you can see both fronts laid on top of the back?

The weather is so changeable! As soon as the sun comes out I tend to put my knitting away, and when it is cold and windy I wonder why I haven't finished it yet!


I am joining Super Mom - No Cape for her Vintage Embroidery Monday & Stitchery Link Party. If you have a few minutes free do have a look to see what super projects others are stitching! And Susan has some lovely Vintage embroidery stitchery motifs if you are hoping to stitch something for a loved one for Valentine's day.


You might also like to visit Kim of Wisdom With Needle & Thread who is celebrating 3 years of blogging with weekly giveaways throughout February, go here to see details. 

Do have a look around, Kim has a lovely blog with lots of stitching and doll making.


While I was sitting typing this in my kitchen, the sun has been shining in the window and making everything look wonderful. But now I can see the weather is changing and we are starting to get some of the rain they have been forecasting for us here in Southern England! So take care out there folks, the rain has started but do have a lovely week despite what the weather throws at you!!

Thank you for looking in. It's always exciting to see what you have to say, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Barbara xx