Friday, December 17, 2021

Advent post - 17th

Hello my blogging friends!

Early last year I had to go into hospital for an unexpected operation. I've been recovering and now I'm back again, and so, today I’m joining Jo for her Annual Advent Calendar Blog Hop. You can read all about the Hop over on her blog HERE

Jo asked us to share a picture of some Christmas stitching and to talk about our Christmas Trees.

Most years I seem to be stitching yet another Christmas tree, and this year is no different! So here is this year's finish:

Badge, kit from Cross Stitcher magazine

This tree was stitched on plastic, I expect many of you saw it in the magazine, I found it a little hard to stitch! The felt was attached to the back with double sided sticky tape 
and a few stitches so hopefully it won't come adrift.

Not the neatest, I know! 

Jo also asked us to talk about our actual Christmas Trees: 

I remember at mum and dad's when I was very young we had a real tree with lots of tinsel, and the mess of needles as Christmas went on. The tree had an angel,  pretty decorations and lovely lights, although the lights often wouldn't work as they needed new bulbs.

As we have two little monsters of cats we don't have real trees.  Our latest  is ceramic. I made it 20 years ago, as in it came from a mould and I painted it (during a ceramic class) and then it was fired.

and a couple of years ago we found this little tree somewhere which sits on our dining table on the actual day.

So, as I haven't been here for the last year I just wanted to let you know I haven't given up stitching.

I'm currently working on "Snow Place Like Home" 
(from CrossStitcher magazine! Issue 365 - January 2021)
Just added the blackbird this weekend.

and the CrossStitcher Festive SAL 

Do have a look at Jo's blog HERE for more festive stitching 
from the Advent Blog Hop.

I'll try not to leave it so long till I'm here again!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Barbara xx