Thursday, March 26, 2020

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Hi everyone,

It feels a bit strange, blogging at the moment, but I'm sure we are all trying to carry on with normal life  wherever possible, so here goes ......

It's time for Gifted Gorgeousness, and, once again, I'm a little late!

For those that are new here: 

Gifted Gorgeousness - run by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching - is our chance to show off stitched gifts (primarily cross stitch) we have given or received during the month. The sign up date is 15th, closing at the end of that month.  Visit Jo HERE to read all about it, and maybe "sign up" too?  And go here to see who else joined in this month. 

This picture is the button provided by Jo to show we are joining her.

March Gifted Gorgeousness

(Yay! Those of you who visit me regularly might have noticed I don't usually add any photos from other blogs ..... (I'm not very technically minded) but, hey. today I managed it!!!! Whoop, whoop!!)

Received this month:
My dear friend Grace very kindly gave me this really pretty pouch she bought on holiday in India. Grace is very careful where she buys things in India, ensuring that the item has been ethically/fair trade produced.

It is hand embroidered and there are tiny Shisha mirrors in the centre of each flower. You were so right Grace, it’s right up my street ..... I absolutely love Shisha mirrors! 

March Gifted Gorgeousness

Which led to me making the little pouch that you might have seen in the Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop for Grace.

March Gifted Gorgeousness

There's only one handle, intentionally, ..... I thought the pouch would be just right to hold wool for knitting or crochet ..... with only one handle making it easier to remove the ball of wool if needed while knitting. And Grace says she will use the pocket for her row counter!

March Gifted Gorgeousness
just a little close up on the hand quilting
Found this cute label to add inside:
March Gifted Gorgeousness

Little pewter owl needle minder from my friend Suzie
March Gifted Gorgeousness

March Gifted Gorgeousness
That's the needle cushion on its back. 
Bag for lace bobbins from my sister 
March Gifted Gorgeousness

March Gifted Gorgeousness

And these pretty bobbins were a kind gift from another lace maker, 
March Gifted Gorgeousness

March Gifted Gorgeousness

And, don’t faint, I have a tiny cross stitch finish.

This was a gift from CrossStitcher, issue 329.
March Gifted Gorgeousness

It was stitched using 2 strands. My instinct said to use 3, and I wish I had, but then it could have been too tight getting the needle through the holes.

I must apologise for not being here recently. 

I mentioned last time that I had joined Instagram and I can only say it's actually worse than looking at Pinterest, if you know what I mean! There is just so much to see there!

I've been joining in with a couple of SAL's. I'll share some photos on my next blog post. If you are on Instagram you can visit me there as @flashinscissors. I've been making bags and stitching hexies, and I think I'm totally hooked on EPP.

Well, now I'm off to visit my blogging friends to catch up on what I've been missing here.

Barbara xxx


Bethan said...

What a gorgeous little bag your friend bought you from India! Your bobbins for lace making are so lovely. Instagram can be more dangerous than Pinterest - people are much better at linking their makes and their fabrics to places you can easily find! x

Anaisa said...

Que trabajos más lindos, me gustan todas el porta agujas muy original, la pulsera con el elefante muy bonita! cuanto arte tienes!!

Besotes y muchos deseos de salud para todos!
y mucho amor!

El Inventario de M.J. said...

Qué bonitos trabajos y regalos, la bolsa la veo muy práctica con su asa.


Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

These gifts make a lot of illusion.
They are all precious works
Hugs from Spain

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning!!
Glad you are feeling good and the Virus is staying away. You received and gave nice gifts. I know a lot of bloggers have jumped over to IG. I just can't get a start over there. Nice to see your post.
xx, Carol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such pretty little gifties - both given and received. I'm blown away by those gorgeous lace bobbins even though I don't know much about their use. Alas I won't be joining you on Instagram so I know I'm missing all sorts of good stuff, but I can't add anything else on to the ways I can manage to spend time on the internet. Take care - stay safe, stay well.

Julie said...

So many lovely things in this post.
I too have a pewter needle holder, mines a lion as I am a Leo

Clare-Aimetu said...

A beautiful bag from Grace, the bag you made is lovely, great label. Stay safe, Instagram will certainly keep you entertained.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The little bag is lovely and it was nice to hear the story behind the bag you showed us for the Valentine Blog Hop.
The little owl is adorable and the lace bobbins are so pretty too. What a good idea to have a bag to store them properly.
I'm not on Instagram, it's not really set up for a PC. I did try for work and it was more hassle than it was worth!

Faith... said...

Beautiful gift you have received from Grace! I am sure she will love the bag you made for her as well!

Stay safe and keep crafting!

Mini said...

Hey , good for you about adding the SAL pic from Jo's blog.
Nice pouch from India.Interesting fact-shisha means mirror so no need to say shisha mirrors.
I always see so many new to me things on your blog like the bag for lace bobbins.

handmade by amalia said...

I love your little pouch, Barbara, what a beautiful use of fabric. I appreciate blogging all the more these days, such a sane haven, and crafting has been my salvation during these endless days at home. Take good care, my friend.