Friday, December 17, 2021

Advent post - 17th

Hello my blogging friends!

Early last year I had to go into hospital for an unexpected operation. I've been recovering and now I'm back again, and so, today I’m joining Jo for her Annual Advent Calendar Blog Hop. You can read all about the Hop over on her blog HERE

Jo asked us to share a picture of some Christmas stitching and to talk about our Christmas Trees.

Most years I seem to be stitching yet another Christmas tree, and this year is no different! So here is this year's finish:

Badge, kit from Cross Stitcher magazine

This tree was stitched on plastic, I expect many of you saw it in the magazine, I found it a little hard to stitch! The felt was attached to the back with double sided sticky tape 
and a few stitches so hopefully it won't come adrift.

Not the neatest, I know! 

Jo also asked us to talk about our actual Christmas Trees: 

I remember at mum and dad's when I was very young we had a real tree with lots of tinsel, and the mess of needles as Christmas went on. The tree had an angel,  pretty decorations and lovely lights, although the lights often wouldn't work as they needed new bulbs.

As we have two little monsters of cats we don't have real trees.  Our latest  is ceramic. I made it 20 years ago, as in it came from a mould and I painted it (during a ceramic class) and then it was fired.

and a couple of years ago we found this little tree somewhere which sits on our dining table on the actual day.

So, as I haven't been here for the last year I just wanted to let you know I haven't given up stitching.

I'm currently working on "Snow Place Like Home" 
(from CrossStitcher magazine! Issue 365 - January 2021)
Just added the blackbird this weekend.

and the CrossStitcher Festive SAL 

Do have a look at Jo's blog HERE for more festive stitching 
from the Advent Blog Hop.

I'll try not to leave it so long till I'm here again!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Barbara xx


Clare-Aimetu said...

It's lovely to see you blogging Barbara, I hope you are doing ok. I love your trees, how clever you are to do a ceramic one. We don't have pets but I can understand why you don't have a big tree with cats at home, it would make their Christmas but certainly not yours. Wishing you a Merry Christmas🎄

Queeniepatch said...

It is so nice to hear from you. I hope you are recovering steadily and can return to stitching full time. You certainly have a lot of trees! Yes, cats and trees don't go well together, or rather they go TOO well together!
Enjoy the season.

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Dear Barbara, it is fantastic to know that you are recovered and that you are coming back to the blog with energy.
I see you've been busy embroidering precious work.
Hugs from Spain

gracie said...

Lovely stitching. Enjoyed my visit. Merry Christmas.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so happy to see you posting again. You've been missed!
Seeing your ceramic tree brought back memories because I made a number of those when I was in my 'ceramics' phase. Oddly I never made one for myself and now I wish I had. I have eyed them in the thrift stores but haven't succumbed - yet. I suspect I will one day.
And your little stitched tree is adorable!!
Happy and blessed Christmas wishes to you and yours.

Alex said...

Lovely to see you back in the world of blogging!

A Patchwork of Crafts said...

Nice to have you back, sewing on anything other than fabric is certainly tricky, your tree looks very nice.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

yay, welcome back!!! b lovely Christmas trees! we have up on the pine needles a long time ago but luckily the various cats we've had over the years haven't been tempted to climb our 5ft tree! best wishes to you and yours xxx

Sandy said...

Love your little ceramic tree, I've been thinking how much fun it would be to do one today. I might need to venture down to the local shop and see if she has any. Hope all is well with you now and love your stitching.


Christine B said...

Lots of lovely trees Barbara! Hope your recovery is going well and glad that you feel like blogging again. Have a lovely Christmas! Hugs Christine xx


Hola Bárbara!
Qué bien que estés de nuevo por aquí retomando tus proyectos.

Tienes una buena colección de árboles navideños de diferentes estilos...tu último bordado está genial.


Sheryl said...

Nice to see your post Barbara, I do hope you are recovering well and it is so nice to see your stitcheries once again. Snow Place Like Home looks like a pretty pattern which I hope we will see more of. Happy Christmas

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar this year. It's great to tempt you back to blogging!
I love your tiny trees, such a good idea with adventurous pets.

Elfie said...

I enjoyed my visit today. Your stitched trees are lovely, and I also enjoulyed seeing your ceramic tree and the Christmas Day tree. It was nice to visit your blog again. Merry Christmas!

jocondine said...

That ceramic tree you made is amazing, what a gift (and a skill). I wish you'll have fun to blog again soon. Hope you'll be safe and in good health and have a merry Christmas with family. Joyeuses fêtes de Noël ! Amitiés. xxx

RONI said...

I like your ceramic tree, I've been seeing similar things being much sought after on some Facebook groups. Good to hear that you're still stitching x

Mary's Thread said...

What sweet little trees! I'm quite fond of the vintage ceramic one! my grandma had one of those. I think my aunt got it! The Mrs. Claus is darling too. Merry Christmas!

Denise :) said...

I loved the tour of your Christmas trees! Your stitched tree this year is really pretty! Merry Christmas to you! :)

Pink Rose said...

Hi Barb I just wanted to pop in and wish you a Merry Christmas,take care my friend xx

Arish said...

Ese árbol de cerámica me parece muy original y tus bordados son preciosos. FELIZ NAVIDAD Y BESICOS.

Pamela said...

Adorable little trees and pretty works in progress. Good to see you again.

Astrids dragon said...

This is the perfect post to start blogging with again! Your stitched tree is so precious, and your other trees are very sweet too. I love that you made the ceramic one.
Both of your other stitched pieces are looking good, I like the colours in Snow Place like Home.
Happy Christmas!

Vintage Linen Embroideries said...

I love your Christmas Tree cross stitch pin; especially how you added the little bells. Your two cross stitch wip's are looking great. Best wishes to you for a Happy and Healthy New Year; with lots of time to stitch.

Diana Moriel said...

Happy Holidays Barbra! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I always enjoy watching your stitching, you have a beautiful collection of Christmas trees. I wish to you the very best for 2022!

Leonore Winterer said...

You're little trees are all adorable!