Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Update, and my surprise!

Hello, Dear Reader,

Thank you for looking in!

I'm just taking a "bloggy minute" to say hello.

We will have to disconnect from the internet for a day or so, as we are having work done in the house,  including windows and door replacement, and we don't want the guys tripping over the wire as they work. I only mention this as I will not be able to visit your blogs or reply to any comments for a day or so.

I will be back on line as soon as possible!


I wanted to take the opportunity to show you a few pictures of some lovely sparrows enjoying the puddles on our terrace, yesterday.

They always look as if they are having such fun, splashing about in the water, obviously washing! If you click on the photographs you may be able to see the sparrows better.

Happy sparrows 1

Happy sparrows 2

Happy sparrows 3

Happy sparrows 4

Happy sparrows 5

Happy Sparrows 6

Happy sparrows 7

Happy sparrows 8

We have about six bird baths (although four of them are only plastic bowls on the lawn), and three ponds of different sizes (two are quite small, and are only the preformed fibreglass type that my husband dug in some years ago), but what they love most is splashing about in the pooled water on our terrace when it has rained heavily.  It seems that they are such social creatures as they all turn up in a group of at least a dozen and splash about together.


I recently had a marvellous surprise when I won Sheryl's very generous Giveaway.  I was so delighted!  I had only recently discovered her blog through Super Mom - No Cape's Stitchery Party (link button in my side-bar), and didn't think I could possibly win her beautiful pouch, but I made my comment, and luck was with me, as against all odds I was fortunate enough to win her lovely original gifts.

Yesterday her envelope flew literally through our open doorway, and landed with a satisfactory plop in the hall. I immediately thought at first "Gosh, it must be airmail!". The door is currently open almost all day as our two workmen, replacing our door and windows, are continually going in and out.

I took these photographs of Sheryl's Giveaway items, in my excitement when her parcel arrived:

Sheryl's giveaway
Package as it arrived by "Airmail" in the hall - please excuse black plastic
protective coating on the floor whilst works are under way.

Sheryl's giveaway
And such beautiful wrapping, one of my favourite colours too!

Sheryl's giveaway
When I received the parcel I realised the flowers have all been outlined with
 blue thread, and have the most gorgeous little pearl beads in their centres.

Sheryl's giveaway
I can't tie a bow like Sheryl!

Sheryl's giveaway
The package included 2 sweet bobbins of lace, 1 of patterned ribbon, beads and
 threads.  You can also see the pouch's satin lining in this view.

Sheryl's giveaway
Sheryl also very kindly included a fat quarter of her toile de jouy.

I am so happy to receive these and am already planning something I can make with them.


As you might imagine, with all the building work in progress, there is no stitching going on here at the moment!

Mostly, we have been removing curtains and furniture, first thing before the arrival of our window installers, making coffees all day, and generally trying to keep out of the way, which believe it or not is really tiring.

Our poor little cat is a bit distraught with all the noise, and has been sitting in the garden shed in her favourite cardboard box. Unfortunately she is a rescue cat and is therefore very nervous of any visitor to the house unless they are very quiet!

We left the radio on for her and visited her frequently throughout the day with food top ups, and as soon as the guys left she was indoors and on our bed in the evening sun, before we could even hoover the dust away.

I hope to be back to blogland very quickly.

Thank you for visiting, it's nice to know you have been here!

Lots of love,

Barbara xx


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I feel for you with all those workmen traipsing in and out and the accompanying mess - I think I would be joining the cat in the garden shed! Thank you for the sparrow pictures - we don't get them now we live in the apartment and I miss their happy little antics. Congratulations on the lovely win - you needed a little cheerful package amongst all the chaos!

Josie said...

The mess will be worth it in the end! Cute little birdie pictures and a lovely prize xx

Alex said...

Love those cheeky little sparrows having such fun on the puddles! Building work is such a pain but hopefully well worth it in the end.

KimM said...

What a sweet win from Sheryl - you're a lucky lady! Good luck with all the work on the house! Looking forward to hearing from you once the dust settles

Amy at love made my home said...

What beautiful things to have received in the post in the middle of the work! I hope that the work all goes well! xx

Lilly's Mom said...

The little birds are so cute splashing about in the water. I'm sure you'll be so happy with your lovely home after the workers complete their job. The little bag is so beautiful. Have a wonderful day. My best to you. Pat xx

Kate said...

Such sweet sparrow visitors! They look like they're having fun. Congrats on winning such a wonderful prize! I know you'll make something pretty. Good luck with all the work; I hope your furbaby isn't too distressed.

karen said...

I hope you are surviving the building dust!! I know it well.....good luck!

Sheryl said...

So pleased you like the giveaway items Barbara and thank you for posting about them. Love your cute little visitors splashing around and the workmen will soon be gone and your cat will feel safe again.

handmade by amalia said...

Packages in the mail, birdy guests, home improvement, there is a lot going on at your place, Barbara :-)