Friday, July 19, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness / A Friendly blog Celebration / and WIP

Hello Dear Reader,

When visiting Mia of Craftartista a while ago I saw a picture of a crocheted Frida Khalo in Mia's list of blog friends. I had to investigate ...... it looked so cute! I loved the blog I discovered (with lots of crochet) - the  blog of Mariela - “Inspired by my Loves” ...... and I started following her!

It will be Mariela's 7th Blog Anniversary on the 20th July and she asked friendly bloggers to join her celebrations. I couldn't resist!! Tee hee! So I am joining up with her today for her "Long Live Friendship" post.

Happy 7th Blogaversay, Mariela!

Mariela asked us to introduce ourselves to any “new to us” bloggers, so, here goes:

"Hello", my name is Barbara and I live in England. I love stitching! Here on my blog you will see many crafts: embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork, quilting, knitting, and yet to come - crochet. I especially like to make pouches and bags,  oh, and not forgetting pin cushions ..... all very useful, aren’t they!

I love to join in with link parties and will also be linking to Jo of Serendipitous Stitching (a cross stitcher) for her Gifted Gorgeousness link Party.

I don’t have any cross stitching to show today, but I hope to have some ready next month.

Gifted Gorgeousness is a link party primarily where we show any cross stitch gifts we’ve given or received in the past month, but some of us do other crafts too! Hence, my latest WIP (Work in Progress) is actually quilting!

While I was stitching, last week, I got sidetracked ..... twice!
Stitched using 2 strands Anchor 76

First there was a friend’s birthday coming up, so I made a gift bag from a tutorial I found at “Charmed by Ashley”

And, secondly, my Mum happened to mention she was losing stitches from the ends of her double pointed knitting needles, sooo I got looking for a solution. I found a great tutorial at Joanna Olson’s blog, “The Nome Knitter” HERE. The idea is that you pop your needles in the pouch (with the knitting on them) and by pressing the poppers shut you stop the stitches escaping!

Unfortunately I don't have any knitting in progress, so I have to leave that a little to your imagination, tee hee!

Oh, and I’ve just I’ve found a second idea I will test soon, from Tracy’s blog Mad Quilter.

But back to the gift bag .....

Such an easy pattern to put together .....

except, I decided to make an insert to keep the bag open, not that it really needs it, but I thought my friend might want to use it as a bag or possibly give it to someone else with a gift in.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist adding a popper, for closure! 

Anyway, it is now fully finished and waiting to go to its new home!

And I'm already planning the next one!

So, you've seen a sample of the things I love to blog about ..... I hope you have enjoyed your visit and that you might like to return here again. To make that easy you can either subscribe to receive emails, become a "follower" or follow via Bloglovin' I don't have a link set up, but you can find me there as "The Flashing Scissors"

Right! I'm off to see what all my blogging friends, new and old, have been up to!!

Why not come along with me and visit them at:


Barbara xxx


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really enjoyed this post Barbara (not that I don't always enjoy your posts!!). Thank you for the link to the DPN needle keeper - now I want/need/have to have one of those!! And I love that great bag - purple is one of my favourite colours so of course it would catch my eye.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
Love the bag you made for your friend. The knitting needle cover is a great idea too.

Pamela said...

What wonderful gifty things! The bags are gorgeous.

White Rose said...

Hi Barb what beautiful gifts you have made,the bag is so pretty and what a great idea for the knitting,very clever,well done my friend and hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Lin said...

Great bag and the knitting pouch sounds like a good idea. xx

Creando y Fofucheando said...

Holaaa Bárbara! encantada de conocerte,que bien que te sumes a la Fiesta de Mariela.
Ya veo que lo das todo con la costura,qué bonitos trabajos,aqui me quedo a seguirte :)
Muchos besos! :)

jocondine said...

I love bags... and your is lovely and very practical. What can you put in a great bag? small bags or pouch for small accessories! xxx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great post. We find the best blogs and new blog friends following the comment trail and side bars don't we! Though I crochet a lot, I have never made a doll or any figure such as that. Love the bag you made.
Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol

Marta García Sanz said...

Me encanta la bolsa que has hecho, es una verdadera monería la bolsa que nos traes.

Besos 😘😘😘

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi Barbara, thank you for your kind words on my blog, I have to say I get side tracked all the time so your not on your own there. I love the gift bag with the added lining it looks so nice.
Have a nice weekend. Julie.C

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Hello barbara!
I come to meet you from Mariela's blog where I also participate in her seventh anniversary. I congratulate you for your work. I loved it!
From today I follow you.
A greeting from Spain.

La Buhardilla de Conchi said...

Hola Barbara, encantada de conocerte y de que formes parte de esta fiesta de aniversario. Me encanta tu blog y aunque acabo de conocerte ya me quedo por aquí para seguir tus trabajos.
Una cesta muy bonita, seguro que a tu amiga le ha encantado. Es una pieza que parece llevar mucho trabajo detrás pero el resultado merece la pena. Bonito tutorial, felicidades.
Me encantaría que pasaras por mi blog y contar con tu amistad.
Feliz fin de semana, besicos

Julie said...

Stunning bags they are amazing and so very useful, such a great gift.
A lady who knits socks at our knit group uses the quilting clips (wonder clips i think they are called) on the end of her needles to hold the stitches on.

MARIELA Inspirada said...

Hi Barbara! This is an amazing post showing us all the things you like and create.
I love all stitching work too but I'm still learning about patchwork and cross stitch. Make pincushions is what I like the most.
Those pouches for knitting are so practical, and your bags are the greatest gifts.
Thanks for joining this party and hope everyone enjoy it! I 'll go visit Jo too.
Feliz día del amigo! Besitos...

Mary said...

I love the colors you have chosen for the bag, the green is fun and easier to see inside as it's bright and cheerful. The bag is going to be so well received!!

Ysnelda Solano said...

Hola Bárbara. Que bello blog, tus trabajos de costura son hermosos e impecables. Tu aporte al Tours de la Amistad de Mariela es muy hermoso. Me gustan muchos tus trabajos, me subscribo como "seguidora"
Saludos desde Venezuela.

Eli R. said...

Qué bonito blog! me gusta la costura, llegamos aquí gracias al 7° Cumpleblog de Mariela, bonita labor el Patchwork

Continuo el tour 🚲 Que viva la amistad!

Eulalia Isabel said...

Hola Barbara, encantada de conocerte.
Las bolsas están preciosas.
espero tu visita en mi blog.


El Inventario de M.J. said...

Hola Barbara ! Me encanta el bolso que has realizado, preciosos colores.

BESOS desde Sevilla .....Encantada de coincidir en la fiesta de Mariela!

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

I love your stitches and the effect created by the diagonal lines across the stripes. Happy week!

Anuskalandia said...

Hello Barbara!

I arrive from Mariela's birthday. I like your jobs, so I stay as a follower.
Kisses and have a good day!

Ayla said...

Hola Barbara,
Encantada de conocerte a ti y a tu casita virtual. Que montón de cositas haces, me quedo por aquí para irte visitando :D
La bolsa me ha encantado, pero el estuche para las agujas de doble punta lo encuentro maravilloso :D

Myriam said...

Hello!!! It´s very nice to meet you! And your blog looks amazing! All the things you show today are beautifull. I´m a big fan of people like you that make so amazing things with clothes. I thing you´ll see me more times here

Diana Moriel said...

I'm here to see your blog after seeing your link in Mariela's to discover a beautiful bag and wonderful posts with your work. I will stay to follow you!

Amparo Lacruz said...

Hola Barbara!! me encanta la bolsa que has hecho, yo soy negada con la costura pero me quedo por aqui para ver si aprendo un poquito de tus trabajos.
Un beso

Christine said...

I love that purple bag!

RJ said...

What a pretty bag Barbara. You have done a wonderful job...great fabrics and design. I enjoyed reading this post. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Yolanda said...

Hola Bárbara. Venga a celebrar contigo el cumpleaños de amistad de Mariela. Encantada de ver tu blog y todos los fantásticos trabajos que tienes en el. El bolso es una maravilla. Tutorial genial. Besos

maria said...

una bolsa preciosa, me gusta mucho el diseño y el tejido que has escogido; un besito.maria:)

Faith... said...

What a cute bag and lucky friend! Great color combination too. Hope you found a great solution for your mom's problem too!

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

Hello again, Barbara! Thank you so much for sharing a little about yourself, and I love those bags! So clever and useful.

El Taller de L´Ana said...

Hola Barbara, un gusto conocerte, y gracias por tu visita a mi blog y apuntarte al reto nº116. Ya te sigo y me quedo a mirar y admirar tus trabajos, un gran abrazo desde Argentina.

handmade by amalia said...

Another lovely post, dear Barbara. The bag is super pretty, your friend is lucky to have you in her life, and I was curious to hear that you are taking up crochet. Look forward to seeing what you make. And I wanted to ask if I could use your idea for the stitching project. You combined the strips of fabric with a sewing machine? It looks like a nice project for my beginner's skills and than you add a lovely detail hand stitching? I really like it.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hi Barbara- lots of lovely goodies as always!

Anaisa said...

Hola nena! que lindo blog tienes y unas manos maravillosas, cuanto arte y talento felicitaciones, gracias por tu visita!

Clare-Aimetu said...

haha I found your friendship post and what a lovely post it is. I must look more at online tutorials, I might start doing more with my sewing machine then x x Clare

Astrids dragon said...

I love your bag AND the pouch, such lovely fabric. You make it look so easy!

Glenda said...

Hi Barbara great blog, enjoyed visiting and love the big stitch quilting using the two threads of embroidery thread, Ive been using three but will try two now???? Great bags now sure where you find the time to make them. Your girlfriend will love it. Cheers Glenda