Friday, December 02, 2016

Yipee! A couple of Friday Finishes!


This week I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to finish some Christmas stitching ....  I know, who hasn't!

But yet again, I've been somewhat diverted by a couple of friends' blogs! However, from ideas on those blogs I now have two little finishes, which were quite fun and easy to make.

So, I am linking to Amanda's wonderful patchwork and quilting blog, for her:

do pop over and see the wonderful things Amanda, and everybody else are making.


Oh, and talking of visiting Amanda's link party, if you have visited before, then, a few weeks ago you may well have seen on Diann's blog - Little Penguin Quilts - that Diann wrote a tutorial for keeping computer wires under control!

Now here is my version!

Keeping those wires under control

Cord control

I changed the measurements slightly, as my wires are pretty heavy duty, and I felt Velcro wouldn't keep it together ..... and so I hand stitched a buttonhole (I can never control my sewing machine enough to make neat buttonholes .... I used to be able to, once upon a time) .... but I think I am just too impatient these days!

Hand stitched button hole
My first hand stitched buttonhole!


Those of you who join in with "Friday Night with Friends" over at Cheryl's blog will probably have seen the clever coasters she made, which you can either use for standing your coffee mug on, or, push the bottom of your wine glass inside the folds of the coaster to easily identify your own wine glass at drinks parties  ....  I couldn't resist trying them out! I've made one coaster!!!



Then I realised  ...  I have something more important I want finished for Monday .... which is what I am working on tonight .... while I am joining in with Cheryl and her "Friday Night with Friends", as I attempt to finish that urgent Christmas stitching which I want to use on Monday!

Christmas bag
Here's my sneaky peek for you! Do come back to see it finished!

Hope to be able to show this Christmas finish very very soon!

But for now .... I must get stitching!

Have a great weekend!

Barbara xx


  1. Oh - thank you for posting about the coaster! I had made those a few years ago for gifts and totally forgotten all about them.

  2. I made a pile of coasters like yours last year and they were received well by all. Enlarge them slightly and you can make potholders, too.
    Have fun with your work.

  3. Terrific finishes. Good luck with your weekend stitching.

  4. Great finishes! I love that tape measure fabric.

  5. Your coaster and wire tidy look great Barbara! Good luck with getting your Christmas project finished for Monday! I have a Christmas quilt I will be working on this weekend too! Have a fun weekend! Christine x

  6. Love the coaster and the cord 'container'. Well done. Looking forward to seeing you Christmas stitching.

  7. What great gift ideas! I really love the coaster and the tape measure fabric is adorable. Looking forward to seeing your secret stitch - hope it's finished soon!

  8. Love your little coaster.
    Hope you got your project finished 😊

  9. I'm so pleased you made a coaster...they are FuN aren't they...
    The wire tidy is a great idea too... xox

  10. Lovely coasters Barbara and I like the idea of keeping all the wires together.

  11. It's a clever idea to keep wires together and yours looks lovely in those fabrics. Handmade button hole too, I am impressed. Lovely coaster.

  12. Today is Tuesday, I hope you've finished the Christmas stitching. :)

  13. I really should make one of those cord keepers for the wires under the sewing table in my studio. It's such a mess! I think I'll machine my buttonhole, though. (Not even sure I could make one by hand.)

  14. I love that cord controller. I wonder if cords can be ruled by crochet, I've yet to try my hand at quilting.


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