Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade

Hi everyone!

Have you heard! Over at "My Sister Made Me Do It", (isn't that such a great name for a blog btw) Ida is holding a party, until 15th September!

It's the 2nd year of "The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade". There are some great pincushions to see ... go on, go and have a look, (well, after looking at mine, that is) and then maybe search out some pincushions of your own and join in! There are lots of prizes to be won too!


These four are my all time favourite makes:

My favourite pin cushion is always the one I have just finished making ....

the needle case has pockets for tape measure, thread bobbins, pencil, and stitch ripper....

each of my pincushions have been made to go with my travel needle cases of the moment ....
 you can read more here about making this needle case ....

the pincushion attaches with poppers ....

and some pincushions are very hard to photograph....

The next one was made to imitate a needlework basket which was pictured on the fabric of a sewing bag I made... I could show you one day ... if anyone wants to see .....

this one is part of a set ... there is a bag, and a purse ....

 the elastic, around the waist of  the bag, threads through the back of the lid/pincushion, making a wrist-band

again, not easy to photograph the pincushion

I made sure to make copious notes about how I made all these pincushions ... at least I shouldn't have any trouble working out how to make them again!

apologies, but I just couldn't show the pincushions without their needle cases .....

and don't forget to go and visit the "The Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade"...

and I'm off to link up and  visit the other entrants now!

Have a great week! Make sure you take time to do some stitching, even if it is only 10 minutes .... you never know, once you start, you might find you will keep on going!

Bye for now,
Barbara xxx


  1. What beautiful needle cases and pincushions Barbara! I love them all... so cute! Christine x

  2. Your pincushions are lovely and so detailed. Wow! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Well your pincushions are all so lovely and functional with the beautiful cases to go with them. My favorite is the one with the "hard to photograph" caption! thanks for joining the parade and good luck!

  4. Pretty pincushions Barbara, especially as they match or are attatched to the needlecases, I like the pink set best.

  5. Lovely pin cushions, Barbara. I just took a quick count on mine....didn't realize how many I have. πŸ˜„

  6. Your work is so charming! Good idea to have a needle cases and baskets for all the other things one needs.

  7. Oh my goodness Barbara, they are all absolutely gorgeous. You must be delighted (and rightly proud) xx

  8. Each of your pincushions are a treasure! I especially love the needlework basket, with those tiny bundles of yarn! Such cute details!

  9. Wow! These pincushions have lots of responsibilities...more than just holding pins. They're all adorable, too!

  10. Your pin cushions are gorgeous, Barbara.

  11. What wonderful pin cushions! Great collection.

  12. What wonderful creations! I love the zippy case. Congratulations on your win. xx

  13. What a great parade and a lovely idea for a blog party too.

  14. Awesome pin cushions! I love your blog.


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