Sunday, May 07, 2017

FNWF - Travel Sewing Kit

Hello folks!

Friday evening I stitched along with Friday Night With Friends at Cheryll's place.

I have been meaning to make something with some of my vintage 1.5" sample squares and I had been considering how I could turn them into some sort of mini travel sewing kit.

I thought 3 squares stitched together would make two pockets suitable for carrying needles, needle threaders, bobbins of cottons and other tiny items (hexie papers, buttons, etc).

Previously I had stitched a seam around the lower three squares, turned it through to see how it looked, then decided the pocket would be more secure if the edges were stitched into bound edges.

Vintage blocks

Friday night I cut all the pieces, but as we had been out all that day I didn't have time to stitch!

Fabrics Prepped

I thought  I'd be able to stitch them all together the next morning, and have a finish! Silly me, I always underestimate how long it takes to make my little stitchy things!!!

But there has been progress .... both sides are now ready to stitch together, although I still need to think of some type of teeny pincushion ..... and maybe it needs a little decoration.

I must leave you now, visitors arriving soon, and housework outstanding! Have a great week!

Thank you Cheryll for organising the party!

See you soon!

Barbara xxx


  1. That looks like it is going to be a really useful travel kit. xx

  2. Nice work so far, looking forward to seeing the finished item next week.

  3. Hi Barbara,this is going to be fantastic for you to use,loving the fabric you have chosen,well done xx

  4. Very nice! I know what you mean about things taking longer than you think they will!

  5. Stitching tends to take much longer than we estimate, but let's just enjoy the process and the result will be great. So far it is looking fantastic.

  6. Great progress on your travelling kit.

  7. Barbara your little kit is looking gorgeous x

  8. Could you make your pincushion out of one of the little squares? Looking forward to seeing the finished sewing kit!!

  9. This will be a great sewing kit. Maybe you can stitch a tiny biscornu for a pincushion?

  10. How pretty your sewing kit is going lto be,and really useful too.

  11. It's looking really lovely Barbara x

  12. It's coming along beautifully, you make the prettiest things.

  13. A great start on another tiny project. It will be gorgeous when finished. Can't wait to see the result.


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