Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rag Dolls

This April our handicraft group has suggested a project entitled "Rag Dolls".

There are lots of ideas for dolls on Pinterest and after looking at some of these I came up with my own design - Bella!

Melly and Me and Pickledokra had really good tips which gave me ideas on how I wanted to embroider her face.

For her head I made a small circular template and drew a circle onto some pink fabric and then sketched her features.   Without cutting the circle out I backed my fabric with cotton wadding and, using a hoop to keep the fabric taunt, embroidered the eyes, lashes, mouth and brows.   Pinning the face to another piece of the same pink fabric, right sides together, (before drawing a circle on the wrong side of the fabric with the circle template on the right side). So that the head could be joined to the body, I drew in a neck (close thing there, nearly didn't have one!)

With a few outlines onto more of the same pink fabric and some machine stitching I had a couple of arms, turned them right sides out and stuffed them, ready to go!   I found a really helpful tutorial on turning small things through at Melly and Me.  Mel also shows how to fill small things too.

Next I cut out a square for the body and smaller one for the pants (or knickers as some might call them in Good Ole Blighty as they say).

After a lot of unpicking and repinning and slow stitching I had her head, arms and body all joined together and turned through the right way.

*ADDITION - see below.


I've progressed a little with my knitting and hope to be able to show some pictures in my next post, however I would appreciate if anyone is able to advise me on how to put photos onto my blog as I am still struggling with that at the moment.

Bye for now, 

*11 June 2015 Amendment  - I have long since found out how to add photos and have decided there really should be one here and so am adding it today!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Bella looks lovely! So sorry you're still having issues with photos. Email me again with what you're having problems with and I'll see if I can help. It appears that you're ending up with your photo in your sidebar instead of in the main blog post so hopefully we can get that sorted out for you. Do you have the capability of taking a photo of your computer screen where you're doing your blog post and sending it to me in an email? That way I can see what you're looking at and possibly be able to better help you. If not, I can reverse the process and send you what I see on my screen.