Thursday, May 31, 2018

Really Late TUSAL/a catchup/and a blogging tip!


Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my last post.

I'd completely forgotten to write a TUSAL post this month, until now!

Catching up

I’ve been so carried away stitching this lovely Flamingo from Cross Stitcher - Issue 331 - it has almost become my "one monthly goal".

I should be stitching my quilt for The Endeavourers but what with hindering helping DH in the garden and popping out shopping here and there I haven't had time to start on the quilt yet.

The Flashing

Most of my ORTS have consequently come from the Flamingo, and similar to the Rose I stitched previously, this pretty Flamingo has five different pinks scattered about the picture, and it is taking me quite a time stitching them.

I’m so glad I used a grid again, as it has really helped stitching the colours in the right places.

Help with Grids

Further to Rosey's comment on my last post I thougt it may help to mention how I used my grids:

I haven't actually read up on grids anywhere but I used individual lengths of cotton loosely stitched in lines (10 squares apart) ..... that way it is possible to push the thread to one side of the current stitch so that the grid lines don't get stitched into the pattern. 

In places I had to pull grid lines out while I added a particular stitch, and put them back after making that stitch! And once or twice I've even had to snip out a couple of grid lines, but it was possible (with great care) without damaging the actual work in progress. I guess that's probably why it's taken a while to stitch.

The Flashing Scissors

I'm already eager to start on the latest kit from Cross Stitcher - mainly because of their "Camper van" button. But I will finish the "Flamingo" first!



I was so enthusiastic about joining in with Queeniepatch and her Stumpwork faces tutorial but I haven’t got very far!

DH took one look and said “It’s evil”, “I don’t want it in the house!”
Well, it is, in the house, and I'm sure he'll be back soon!

However, I’m not sure what part to stitch next! I wanted to add a necklace, but I couldn’t even thread the beading needle, the eye is so small my needle threader wouldn’t pull the thread through! So it’s all fallen by the wayside, for now.

The Flashing Scissors
I’ve chosen fabrics for clothes but haven’t started yet.


Hope you don't mind me sharing a couple of photos from our garden: 

One of my favourite all time plants! Not sure of its name ..... never can remember names! that's why I call him DH!

This is the plant that inspired my first mini quilt for The Endeavourers. It has lots of really pretty berries later in the year which is the reason I won’t let Hubbie prune the bush until the birds have eaten all the berries, and consequently he has a job to prune the bush before the next season’s growth starts, and it is now becoming a tree!

The flowers open from the outside of the cluster first, and the centre florets(?) are really tiny. Oh dear! it's taken me so long to write this post most of these lovely flowers have already turned quite brown!

The Flashing Scissors


Apologies to those of you that really hate snakes, 'cos this isn't, it is actually a legless lizard I'm about to mention!

The other day on our way home from the shops we spotted a Slow-worm on the pavement next to a busy road. Luckily I had a beaker in my bag (as I'd been to my stitching group that day) and DH was able to pick the critter up in the beaker ..... not before it lost its tail, but then that's its way of escaping ..... jettisoning the end of its tail which then wriggles frantically, the Slow-worm then discretely slopes away whilst the predator  is fascinated with the wiggling detatched section. More about Slow-worms HERE.

DH virtually took his life in his hands kneeling at the edge of the road as the Slow-worm tried to escape from him by wriggling off the footpath, over the kerb, onto the road's edge, and the crazy drivers raced past as close to us as they could, even though we could both be clearly seen!!

As soon as we got home we popped the little chap into a corner of the garden where we had seen Slow-worms previously. I do hope they get on with each other!

Here's another one we saw recently in our garden:

The Flashing Scissors
In our garden, next to our "vegetable plot"
The Flashing Scissors
and a close-up
Slow-worms are very good for the garden ..... they are reputed to eat slugs! Not sure how true that is as despite our many, many Slow-worms we still seem to have an inordinate number of slugs in our garden!!

This is one reason why we don't use slug pellets in the garden ..... as it would get into the food chain of the Slow-worm.

The Flashing Scissors
Another of my favourite plants, always makes me think
of tiny fairy shoes hanging on a line.
The Flashing Scissors
Couldn't resist this pic either ..... an Alium (new to us this year)


Of course I can't sign off without mentioning GDPR! 

I know many of you, like me, are wondering what we need to do with our blogs now to stay legal!
Luckily though we have a few lovely blogging friends who are already dealing with this on their blogs, and once I finish this post I will be off to see what I need to do.

I'm sure they won't mind me mentioning them:

Jo of Serendipitous Stitching - advised us that we won't be receiving notification of comment emails, and suggests a way around it HERE.

Mia of Craftartista has written a whole page HERE.

And Shez of  "I am" has added a page to her blog too HERE.

I know I am already missing all those friendly comments appearing in my mail box ..... already feeling lonesome!! ..... but I'll be checking the "Comment" facility in the left hand margin of my Dashboard everyday! .... well, most days!

Oh, and if you are still with me this is my tip: 

Don't know if you've had this trouble, but I've had a lot of trouble trying to "Publish" comments when I've been visiting buddies blogs ..... I've found that it is necessary, when you finish writing your comment, to make sure you place the "cursor" within the text of your message before hitting "Publish"! So next time you are stuck remember and try this out!

Hope you still comment,
Hugs to you all,
Barbara xxx


Christine B said...

Wow Barbara! Lots going on in your sewing room and garden! Love all the beautiful photographs! Christine x

Julie said...

Your flamingo is growing nicely as are your plants in the garden.

Pamela said...

Your stumpwork face looks great! I want to try it too. I've long admired Queenie's creations.

Queeniepatch said...

You have been busy stitching, gardening, rescuing and dealing with blog issues.
As for the stumpwork portrait. I agree with your husband, these heads look, maybe not evil, but scary, before they have eyes and especially hair. Then the portrait will be transformed. However before that, make the dress, you only need to fold a piece of fabric, drape it behind the neck and fold it over on top to have a garment. THEN add the necklace. Use a thinner thread to thread the needle! Finally put on the hair.
Have fun!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such an interesting post Barbara! I can just imagine that flamingo just having finished his (her?) bath and seeing that Slow-worm and the description of it was pretty interesting. We, of course, don't have those here. And of course I enjoyed seeing your beautiful flowers (the only thing we miss about having a house is the flowers). And...perhaps your stumpwork face wouldn't be freaking out your DH quite so much if you were to add a couple of wee stitches at the corner of her mouth...upturned, so she looks like she's smiling?? Just a thought!! Oh - and thank you for pointing the way to some other bloggers who are dealing with the GDPR. I have something on my blog about it too - hopefully it's enough!

Brigitte said...

Great post, Barbara, with such a lot to catch up on.
Your flaming looks great indeed. I have never done any gridding so far. But I have to do it when I want to start my first HAED. I think those aren' doable without gridding.

That stump work face looks great and I'm looking forward how you will continue.

Lovely pictures from your garden. I don't mind seeing snakes on pictures but can't stand them when I see them move. But as you say this isn't a snake (for me it just looks like one).

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This GDPR is a nightmare! Your stitching looks lovely and so do your flower photos. I'm glad you rescued that slow worm :)

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you, Mary Anne!
As you suggest, I’ll try adding some lines to my lady’s mouth, hope it works.
Thanks for the heads up on GDPR, I’ll be heading over to your blog to see your version too.
Barbara xx

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Brigitte, Good luck with the gridding for your HAED - that’ll be some project! Hope you will Blog about it?
Re the Slow-worm, it helps to try to imagine it with legs (sort of like the lizard it must have evolved from). 😊
Barbara xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Barbara
You are such a great blog friend. I just have a feeling that the comment thing will be rectified. I'm hoping so, but if not I'll just check the comments on the dashboard. It will be ok when it becomes a habit.

I have not started a stump face, but it will probably be started in the near future. I don't think your's looks evil, but the thought sure makes me want to do a witchy kind of face. Thank you Hubby for the idea...I take them wherever I can get them. Someone near me has a whole field of Alium. They must grow them for some commercial business. I always enjoy seeing them when we drive by and they are in bloom. I don't cross stitch anymore, but I'm pretty sure I'll take it back up in the future. I never did the grid technique but I am sure going to look into it. Summer always eats into my stitching time. I wait all winter for the warm weather and can't bear to be inside when it's warm and sunny.

xx, Carol

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

You have been busy recently! I’m looking forward to seeing your stump work face progress 😊 I’ve never been game to try one!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on the flamingo and the lady's head. Faces are so difficult to get right.
As is Blogger, it seems! I do wish they would hurry up and sort it out.

Sheryl said...

Great post Barbara, love how your stumpwork face is progressing, not so keen on the slow worms or the havoc Blogger is causing with no friendly mail in our boxes :-(