Friday, May 11, 2018

Endeavourers / WIP

Hello friends, old and new,

On 1st of May my blogging friends at "The Endeavourers" shared their interpretations of "Changes/Transformation", do have a look at their wonderful quilts.

I'm afraid I was a little late and hadn't finished mine but I joined in with my "Unfinished Changes".

I don't mind admitting I hadn't finished because that's just one of those things, life happens, as we all know! And I'll tell you a story along those lines while I'm thinking of it ....

One of my friends at our local handicraft group was recently debating the best way of attracting new members to the group and said that she had been chatting with a friend who crafts and told her she couldn't understand why we weren't getting new members ..... the friend said that she had thought about joining "but the standard was too high"! 
What can you do? Surely that's all the more reason for joining, find out what those people do, and put it into practice yourself!

So, I don't mind admitting I'm not perfect and have much to learn, for surely half the fun is seeing what others are doing and then joining in! Or is it only me that thinks that way?

Anyway, I digress!

You can read  about my "Unfinished Changes" here, on  The Endeavourers blog.

The Flashing Scissors
Unfinished Changes

And this week I painted another row of colours - the one starting from Emerald Green! One row took around an hour to paint and started my back hurting again, so I won't be painting any more until my back eases a bit.

Over the last week I was working on a couple of tiny sewing projects: 

Luckily hand stitching doesn't aggravating my back! So during a quiet spell I made this little bag from some scraps of muslin and a few embroidery threads left over from my Easter Blog Hop cross stitch project. Eeek, I've just realised I haven't shown the finished stitching yet, and I finished it over Easter too!! Oh well, I'll have found the photo for my next blog post.

I used french seams with an extra scrap of fabric to reinforce the base, and a double folded hem as carrier for the ribbons. The chain stitch flower didn't work very well, and once the bag was used in the shower the flower sadly looked no more than spokes on a wheel!

Its nothing grand really and I hadn't intended to show it on the blog, but I liked it when I'd finished!

The Flashing Scissors

Then I've started another travel project:

The Flashing Scissors

but I was confused as to which threads were which - you might guess it's a kit from a magazine - I'll explain more when I return with "Gifted Gorgeousness" on 15th May.

Oh, yes, DH went to an Open Garden at the weekend (on his own because I felt it would be too much walking for me as my back is still not right) and he bought these home for me:

The Flashing Scissors

The Open Garden is for charity, and amongst other items they had these covered rocks for sale! I've seen people making them before and always admired them, and I couldn't believe they were only asking 10p for each!! Don't worry, he's not a meanie, he also bought a plant for £7 to go towards their charity.

And a photo from our garden to finish with.

This was one of  the most beautiful tulips we had this year, and as they are now rapidly disappearing I thought it would nice to see it again here.

Do have a look at  The Endeavourers' amazing interpretations of "Changes/Transformation":

I hope you are all keeping well, and don't forget to make time for some stitching!

See you soon.



Queeniepatch said...

There is much progress here. The colour mixing chart is a great idea. I will be doing more fabric dyeing and might make some kind of chart for the colours I mix.
In Japan you sometimes see the last bit of a bar of soap in an old stocking or nylon bag, dangling from the tap in the washbasin. This is a way to use up the very last of the soap. Never have I seen such beautiful soap bag. Way to go, Barbara.
I have never seen stones like those. Will you keep them in the garden or inside the house?
Your tulip is impressive.
I hope your back will be free from pain soon.

Kim said...

Life does get in the way of creativity, doesn't it. A sweet little soap bag and those stones...what a fabulous idea and so pretty. Love the colour of that Tulip. I hope your back improves with each day.

Lin said...

Sorry to hear that your back is giving you such a problem Barbara. Sweet little bag and I love the pebbles. How much!!!!!! xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Barb, I'm so happy that you don't feel pressure to complete a project on time if you are running late!! The story you related is an example of what I see and hear all over the web. People are so worried that their work will not measure up to more accomplished members. I used to be that way. Now I just enjoy my own journey. And our group is so encouraging.

I love those covered rocks. I crochet but admit that I could not stitch that free-style that encloses those ROCKS. Your husband brought you a unique gift. He did good, lol.

Hope you get relief for your back. I went through my own back issue a month or so ago. It's not fun.
xx, Carol

Birthe Marie said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Take care!
I like your soap bag, and so cute with the embroidery.
Yje stones from the Open Garden was beautifully decorated. :-)

Kaisievic said...

So sorry that your back is playing up - no fun at all! Cute soap bag and DH did well with buying the covered rocks.

Christine B said...

Lovely post Barbara and some lovely projects in progress! Sorry not to have visited for a while I have been busy moving house and getting settled in but hoping to be able to visit again more now! Hugs Christine x

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you for the lovely comment!

I missed your fabric dyeing ..... oops, sorry, don’t know how. A most economical and tidy way to mix colours, I hadn’t thought of doing it that way ..... I’ll be trying that method in future!
I remember reading housekeeping tips, years ago, which spoke of using old stockings to keep soap ends together, but somehow it was never very appealing to the male members of the household, so quickly abandoned! But DH is happy to use the soap in my embroidered bag.
The stones are too nice to go outside and will be useful as paperweights or just decorative! DH thought they had been crocheted, and one of them could be, but I suspect they are probably old doilies or similar, and have been gathered and stitched closed on their backs.
Thank you for your kind wishes.

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you, Kim!

FlashinScissors said...

Tee hee! Quite a bargain!
Thank you for your kind wishes, Lin!

FlashinScissors said...

I wouldn’t exactly say I didn’t still feel pressure, just that I did what I could!
Sorry to hear you’ve had back problems too, hope yours has improved, and thank you for your kind wishes. B xx

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you Birthe! Sorry I can’t reply direct as you are a no reply blogger. Your comments are much appreciated.
Barbara xx

FlashinScissors said...

Thanks Kaye!
He did surprise me! He knew I’d love them!
Hugs, B xx

FlashinScissors said...

So lovely to hear from you again Christine.
Hope you are happily settled! Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful stitching.
Hugs, B xx

Wendy said...

the soap bag is a good idea! I've been thinking about making some felted soap.
The thing about people being afraid to join the group because of the high standard - maybe they don't want to master their craft, but just enjoy having fun. I wonder if they're a bit worried that you're all very artistic and take it seriously? I am not trying to criticise, I just mean this could be an outsider's perspective when they see your amazing art.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb not good having a bad back hope you feel better soon. Love your felted soap bag,you do beautiful work my friend xx

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I hope your back is getting better now, Barbara. Your quilt is looking nice and you soap bag and stones are very pretty. I think we have all been adjusting to the Endeavourers and several of us found the deadline racing towards us at the end. Really, it's the point of the group to all post on the same day but sometimes exceptional circumstances do turn up. I think the key is not leaving it too late to start. We're certainly not policing standards, though. I think there's nothing like trying to be perfect for dampening enthusiasm :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am in agreement with you in thinking that it's better to share something unfinished rather than opt out totally. Life happens! Your wee soap bag turned out cute - and I love your crocheted rocks (good on your DH to think to buy them for you!). Take care of your back!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What an interesting idea for a quilt. I am trying to envisage one done with thread, by blending the different colours!
Love the covered stones too.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hope your back is improving, love the crocheted rocks! Xx