Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop

Hello My Friends ..... Welcome.

If you haven't visited before, grab a coffee, sit down, and have a little read ....

Happy 50th Birthday Jo

Today Jo of  "Serendipidous Stitching" is holding a Blog Hop to celebrate her 50th birthday, and she has invited us, her blogging friends to join in!

Jo has given each of  us some facts about herself from particular years .... my year is 2011 - when Jo was 45, and she has asked that we give some detail about ourselves for that allotted year, and also to show some stitching we think she might like!

These are the facts Jo has given me of her life from 2011:

  • This was the year it all took off for Jo and her stitching!  In April, she took the plunge and started her own blog.  Earlier in the year she started a rotation of sorts and for the first time had more than one active WIP.  Jo was still very active on the stitching forums too, joining some Yahoo groups as well as the Yuku forums.  She also started the first of her very popular Blog Hops with the Christmas Advent Calendar.
  • As the music venue her husband had run had been closed for a while Jo decided to look for a temporary job over Christmas.  She asked a friend who managed a bookshop if there were any Christmas jobs going.  Jo's timing was perfect and there was a permanent ten hours a week; weekdays during school hours.  Jo applied for and got the job, starting a new career as a Children's Bookseller.

In that same year I competed in singles competitions and won my Surrey County Badge for Bowls, and went on to play in team games for the county. In the picture below I was playing a singles club competition .... I seem to remember I came second in this particular game ..... you can't win them all!

This is me! (Barbara, that is!)

I don't play any more. I gave it up as my back was giving me a lot of trouble.

Here is a picture that I stitched that I hope Jo might like (I stiched the first picture too, in case you didn't guess!):

Tried to get a close up, but I'm not sure the detail is any clearer!
So, I hope you will all join me in wishing Jo every happiness on her landmark birthday:

Happy 50th Birthday

and don't forget to go over to Jo's blog to see who else is joining in today!

In case you were not visiting for the Blog Hop, I thank you for reading to the end of the post, and here is a taste of my next post .... "A couple of small Finishes" ....

Thank you for popping in!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. 

Barbara xx


KimM said...

Hi, Barbara! I'm impressed by your athletic prowess. I can't throw straight (DH says I throw like a girl - HA!). Love the stitched kittens.

The Knitting Cross Stitcher said...

I loved playing Bowls with my Grandpa,he was regular at a club near him.I'd go along and the members would let me have a go:)
I love your chosen stitching,a very pretty kitty.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in the Birthday Blog Hop and sharing your athleticism too! I used to play petanque sometimes, the sand make accuracy less important because the little ball bounces in strange ways!
Of course I love the cat. I am definitely a cat-person!

Bea said...

Great post and thanks for sharing part of your life as well. Love the kitty!

Christine B said...

What a lovely post to celebrate Jo's 50th birthday! Loved learning more about her and you and seeing some past makes! Christine x

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is a really fun Birthday Blog Concept!! Oh, I see purple in your next post...yay!
xx, Carol

Ariadne said...

Your stitching is lovely! What a great sport you were playing. I don't know much about it though!Thanks for visiting my blog. AriadnefromGreece!

Stitching Noni said...

Great post! Love reading your memories and seeing your gorgeous stitching! :o)
Hugs xx

Brigitte said...

This is such an interesting and unique blog hop. I loved to read what jo and you were doing in 2011. And a wonderful piece that you chose to show for her birthday.

Katie said...

I'm hopping by on the blog hop. What a great post. Thanks for sharing. Love your stitched pieces.

Tiffstitch said...

Great finishes and congrats on the bowls!

jocondine said...

Still "hoping" on blogs for Jo's BB, I love very much the Christmas Advent Calendar, a great pleasure to visit each day a different stitcher preparing Christmas and feel the Noël atmosphere in every home. Lovely cat. xxx

Elfie said...

I am slowly hopping through the birthday blog posts. I enjoyed reading your lovely post. This is such a nice thing to be involved in.

Sheryl said...

Loved reading this post and learning about your interests. great photo of you playing bowls and pretty stitching