Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FNwF and WIP on Wednesday

Key Tray!

On Friday night I joined in with October's FNwF (Friday Night with Friends), but web connection problems have stopped me blogging about my stitching until now!

Key Tray

During the week I had seen a tutorial on Plum's blog - Plum Quilts - for a quick make, and I thought this was ideal for my Friday night stitching, although more to the point we really need a Key Tray to protect our newly painted woodwork from DH's keys!

I also wanted to join in with The Splendid Sampler's Challenge to finish off a block I had been putting off .... but that wasn't to be ... I couldn't find the stripey contrast fabric I'd wanted to use, which I know is hiding somewhere in my stash!

In the event I worked on the much needed key tray.

I cut four x 5" squares, and two x 6.5" squares of my favourite puffy polyester wadding, then stitched the squares into a four-patch ..... oops no piccy! too dark for photos! I pressed my seams towards the darker fabric and stitched the corners of my squares of double thickness wadding onto the edges of the four seams - Plum explains this perfectly in her tutorial! (see link above)

Key Tray
This is how it looked at the end of the evening!

I always have trouble stitching things closed once they are turned through, so this time I thought if I press the seams back maybe it would make it easier to slip stitch closed ...... well, we will see!

Key Tray

Key Tray
Back view - closure to be stitched! I did iron it before
turning through, but turning it made it quite creased!

Key Tray
But the front looks much better! 

Only some hand quilting to do now! I'm thinking of circles....... Maybe I might be finishing this next Friday night!

I'm off to visit Cheryl's link party, why not join me there to see what others have been working on this FNwFs

I do hope you are having a very stitchy week!

Barbara xx


Pamela said...

Nice project! Thanks for the link.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fun project and useful too...definitely a win/win.

KimM said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the link!

Lin said...

Nice finish and thanks for the link. xx

Sheryl said...

Lovely finish, such pretty colours.

Kaisievic said...

Very nice and thank you for the link to the tutorial. xxx

Raewyn said...

I had a look at the tutorial - what a clever little bowl/tray...pretty as well as useful! Have fun with the finishing touches :-)

Bea said...

Such pretty colours! Something lovely and practical - that is definitely a win-win.

Queeniepatch said...

This is a 'magic' pattern - four squares become triangles! What a neat way to keep the keys from scratching furniture, and with such bright colours you will always know where the keys are!

Summer said...

So cute! Love the colours ♥

Brigitte said...

That's a lovely little project for a Friday night.

Alex said...

Love your colour choices on this. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to be a key tray, so very relived you put in a link to Plum's site. All is now clear!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara the fabrics are lovely,what a great idea.

Plum Cox said...

How lovely to see the tutorial being used - so pleased that you are using it! Your fabric combination looks fab! x