Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WIP's - Bags, Secret Cross Stitch and a UFO!

Hello Dear Reader,

A Very Happy New Year to you, and "Welcome" to any new readers!

I'm afraid I got out of the way of visiting and commenting over Christmas, but I'm hoping to catch up with everyone very soon!


Today I'm linking to Esther Aliu's - WIPs on Wednesday.


On my last post I told you about this bag I made my sister for her birthday.

My sister's bag
Sis's bag

Before I'd even finished making hers I was already planning one for myself!

This is now my main WIP, but I know its going to take a while as I put myself under a lot of pressure to complete my sister's for her birthday, and that pressure isn't there for this one, with no deadline!

My fabric choice
This is the fabric for my bag.

I had the main fabric ready at least a week ago, but then I had problems stitching the handles, although they are ready now ..... and yet again I forgot to cut the fabric for the handles on the bias! 

I have since found a great tutorial for handles on a blog called SEW FEARLESS, from Pinterest. Looks really easy! Must try it out on my next bag!

Then I wanted to Free Motion Quilt (FMQ) the front of the bag to the interfacing but I didn't have a darning foot for my machine ..... I looked on line, and decided to buy one from Singer. Whilst I waited for a new darning foot to arrive I stitched my main fabric with a few meandering lines.

I want to make a large pocket  - for knitting patterns, etc. and then I can complete the bag.

At a later date I'd like to make a pencil case or pouch to match.


Like most crafters I always have more than one project on the go, as there are times when I am happy to sit at the sewing machine, but in the evening I like to be able to sit watching TV and either work on some hand stitching or some knitting.

And so another WIP, at the moment, is some cross stitch I started last week. 

Jo of Serendipidous Stitching is running her annual "Stitching Sweethearts" bloghop in February - you can read about it and sign up, if you fancy joining in - HERE!

Last year I linked in with one of my embroidery projects, however, as Jo's blog is mainly about cross stitch this time I've found a little cross stitch kit from a magazine I bought ages ago, which I thought might suit the hop, and I'm happy to say my stitching is going well! Here's a little peep:

Secret Stitching
"Secret" stitching!

I was visiting France Nadeau's blog recently where she is working some pretty cross stitch fruit (which you can see by clicking "HERE") which reminded me of this UFO I had tucked away in our bookcase - like you do!

France was working with six strands and I mentioned that for my project I had used three. It's hard to choose when you make your own fabric choice for a pattern, isn't it?

But, ooooh, I'm not sure if it is a UFO or whether UFO's are so called when the stitching is done and they just want to be made into something? What do you think?

Pattern from Jane Greenoff's book "55 Country Cross Stitch Charts"

Well, I really need to get stitching now and cross some of these projects off my "lists"!!!!

Thank you for visiting, and I love to read your friendly comments.

Barbara xx

Btw, I've now received my new darning foot, and some Magic Bobbin Genies (to hopefully stop the bobbin jumping about when I'm stitching and causing those maddening bobbles under the stitching), and I'm looking forward to testing my FMQ skills ..... soonish!!!!

Of course, as always, any products mentioned in this post are my own choice of products, and I am not being reimbursed for mentioning any of them!


Sheryl said...

Pretty fabric for your bag Barbara, it is going to be so useful too. I also like the stitching patterns from J. Greenoff´s book. I need to get moving on my WIPs and UFOs.... sigh.

Bea said...

Love the fabric for your bag. I too want to work on WIPs and UFOs this year. Good luck to all of us!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the colours you've chosen for your new bag. I've often wished my machine had a darning foot but just haven't gotten around to getting one. I don't even know if they make one for my machine. As for the UFO question - I think it means any unfinished object, whether it be completely stitched or not.

Queeniepatch said...

Your bag will look quite different from your sister's; I guess purple is your favorite colour (as you use it on this blog). How about PUTTING a deadline on the bag so it will be completed by a fixed date?
UFO, to me is a project that can't be used or displayed (e.g. unhemmed or with stray threads poking out...)
It is nice to have two projects at the same time, one for day time machine stitching and one for working in the evening in an armchair.

Chris of UK City Crafter said...

Love your flower wreath - so pretty, to me a UFO is just an unfinished project, same as a WIP or PHd.

Christine B said...

Some lovely projects to start the new year with Barbara! I think your bag is going to look fabulous.... love the fabrics! As for UFO... I consider it to be any unfinished work.... stitched or not! Enjoy the rest of your week! Christine x

Mii Stitch said...

I fell in love with your sis bag at first sight!!! :)
I am sure yours will look just as fantastic, you have chosen beautiful fabrics!
Yay!! You have started working on cross stitch!!! I am looking forward to see the finished Valentine secret project.

Annet said...

Love the fabric for your new bag and I hope you finish it soon.

Lin said...

Great fabrics for your bag Barbara. Thanks for the link to to the handle tutorial. I use the Amy Butler method but this is a neat variation on it. xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Happy crafting! I hope you enjoy working on all of your projects this new year!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, these fabric colours are a dream, Barbara. Your bag will look gorgeous with these.
Pulling out these UFOs is also one of my plans for this year. Enjoy your Jane Greenoff project.

Astrids dragon said...

I wish I liked to sew! I can sew together a duvet cover and pillowcase, and I've even made a bag from CapriSun, but that's about it. I love the colours you've chosen for your bag, it will look fantastic!

Wendy said...

A UFO can refer to any project that's started and then put to one side. It's a WIP if you're still working on it

Renee said...

Beautiful projects! I love your totes.

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

I love your fabric choice for your own bag. Making something for ourselves is nice too!
This secret stitching is intriguing. It looks like a flower to me...
What a surprise to see my name listed in this post, and with a link to my place too! How sweet of you! :-)
What you've done with three strands looks pretty neat. We don't see much of the cloth under and there are no distortion of the fabric (unlike mine with the six strands). You were very clever in your choice.

Kaisievic said...

Love the purples that you have chosen for your bag - so very pretty!

handmade by amalia said...

I'm way behind with my blog reading, it's been a busy start to the year, but I finally made it to see all your makes. I don't do as much cross stitch as I used to, but always use two strands.