Thursday, August 31, 2017

Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade - 2017 (and a catchup)

Hello Dear Reader

I know!!!!! Where have I been, you ask! (or perhaps you don't!)

Well, it's Summer here, and DH and I have been out and about exploring.

I've taken lots of photos that I wanted to share with you .... but, our painfully slow laptop has prevented me from uploading any before today! Oh, I've even got a new phone, because I thought it would be easier to add the photos to the blog, but that hasn't worked ..... I've forgotten passwords so the photos on the new phone ..... still are!!!!

Luckily my latest header photo was taken on my "old fashioned" camera the day we had an enjoyable trip to a local lavender field.

It's been a busy summer, with very changeable weather ..... so some of my photos are a little dark!

We went on a guided walk around a stately home (now a school),

Carshalton House
Carshalton House

and on another day we toured the fascinating water tower in the grounds of the same house;

Carshalton Water Tower
The grassy area from the tree
to the hedge used to be a lake


then a visit to a wonderful Indian Summer Festival (despite the drizzling rain) held in the grounds of the  Horniman Museum, with a story told in music and dance (I took many photos and might show more another day). Their Indian Summer season finishes with a Mela celebration this Sunday! 

Summer Mela at the Horniman Museum

Summer Mela - Horniman Museum

Summer Mela - Horniman Museum

and, as we were leaving, we popped into the orangery (an ornate Victorian conservatory or greenhouse) where a trio of Indian musicians were giving a recital on their amazing instruments;

Summer Mela - Horniman Museum


We also visited a short exhibition, held at the Quakers Friends Meeting House, near Euston station (London, UK), of 20 Quaker tapestry panels. The panels live in Kendal normally, and there are actually 77 panels in all. For further information visit here

Again, I took lots of photos ..... however I can't show any of them because of copywrite ..... I bought a calendar, fabric and tea towels and their Quaker Stitch Guide book which I thought would be handy for more Crewel Work - well you don't get the opportunity every day!


interspersed with a guided country walk with a wild flower specialist

Nature Walk 2017

who was able to name the many different wild flowers we saw (but I didn't make notes of names unfortunately)

Nature Walk - 2017
and named these little caterpillars too!


then there were walks on our own, where we found these painted rocks, strategically placed at main entrances onto our local common

Walking locally - 2017
A wonderful idea!

Walking locally - 2017

Walking locally - 2017

Walking locally - 2017
but every single one is gone now!

Wallking locally - 2017


there has been stitching too ..... until it got too hot here.

The Flashing Scissors
Burning the "Midnight Oil"

And, after a "little" corrective work, i.e ripping back two rows of squares because they were wrongly orientated, I stitched the rows together.

The Flashing Scissors

The Flashing Scissors
Testing fabric for top and bottom borders


Oops, you may have seen this next piece of cross stitch before ..... but a friend was asking how I decide which colours to work on first and how I keep track of my stitching.
Of course, it's down to personal choice, but to begin I take a photocopy of the pattern, enlarging it at the same time, then I use  marker pens, in five fluorescent colours, to help me keep my place, colouring in the pattern as I stitch (but do be wary ..... it would be all too easy to colour the fabric by mistake).
Although this doesn't necesarily prevent errors, it does make them a lot less likely. 

In this project I stitched the border first. Then stitched  from the bottom upwards within the border.
On larger projects I usually work from the centre outwards.

The Flashing Scissors


Do forgive me if I haven't commented on your blog lately ..... I've been so tired after our adventures, I haven't even been checking in on my own blog!

And then, for the last two weeks I've had a problem with my eye, and looking at the bright computer screen has just been making both eyes water, and then they both just wanted to shut, and once that happens I want to fall asleep, no matter what the time.


Anyhow, as I squinted at Blog Reader a few days ago I saw that it is time for PPPP - that's "Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade" btw!

The brainchild of Ida Jo of "My Sister Made Me Do It", you can read all about how it works hereand take a peek at last year's party here! You can see my last year's entry here.

How about it everyone?!? There are lots of amazing sponsors and prizes, so what are we waiting for .... get stitching or gather your pincushions, and join in!!!!!

I am soooo looking forward to seeing what you've all made!!

Barbara x

The Flashing Scissors


Pamela said...

Love seeing your exploring photos!

Queeniepatch said...

Good to see you have had an eventful and interesting summer.
Look after your eyes! If the problem persists, do seek medical advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara great pics,love your header pic,lavender smells so wonderful.
Lovely to go strolling with your DH,you got to see some amazing sights.
lots of lovely work you have been doing also,well done my friend xx

Brigitte said...

Our August weather also changed all the time - after some very hot days there were thunderstorms and rain with temperatures dropping very low, and after that back to the heat. At the moment it's very cool and rainy, juts the way I like t :)
You had a very adventurous and enjoyable August, as it seems. Your trips sound very interesting, particularly the Indian festival.
But needlework was also on the plan. The rows that you sewed together already look great. And your little stitched piece jisfrom the same series as the design I stitched lately - Butterflies and Buddleia. A real fun stitch.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You really HAVE been busy. Love the pictures that you shared. I know there was so much to see and I'm sure you'll figure out the password to your pictures. I'll include a prayer for YOU today that your eye situation passes. Glad to see your post.
xx, Carol

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you, Carol. That's very kind of you.
My eye is improving each day, thank goodness.
Barbara xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

A 'little corrective work' - LOVE that!! Sounds like you've had some wonderful tours and seen some beautiful things. I've checked out the pincushion parade and I might just play along if I can get something created in time. Hope your eyes are soon feeling better!

Lin said...

Hi Barbara - good to hear from you. Sounds like you have had a great summer, the Indian festival looks very interesting. We recently watched a recording of the prom featuring Anouska Sankar and I thought the music beautiful. Your strippy piece looks lovely - are you planning lots of quilting on the plain strips? I have a list of pincushions ready to write about and am looking forward to seeing what you share this year. xx

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you Mary Anne. My eye seems a lot better but I need to go back to the optician next week to make sure everything is OK!
Look forward to seeing your Pincushion - good luck with that.
Have a great weekend!
Barbara xx

FlashinScissors said...

Thank you, Lin. I have already replied to you direct but thought others might like to know about the SAL!
Re the quilting - yes there is to be stitching on the plain strips ..... if I am brave enough to have a go! I was following the Spring SAL on The Inbox Jaunt, neglected to add the info in this post, I just ran out of time, however you can read all about the SAL here:
Barbara xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

We went to the Horniman Museum a few years back, it was very eclectic! Really enjoyed our visit there.
I also mark my working copies in multi-colours, they look so pretty when you are finished!

FlashinScissors said...

Nice to know you've been there. It is great, isn't it! Always so much going on too!
The coloured pics are almost too good to throw out ..... but something has to go. Although saying that I do have a lot of coloured patterns in my "stitched" binder.
Barbara x

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Looks like you've had a lovely Summer. Lots of interesting places and some projects :) We used to live near the Horniman Museum. Does it still have the big fish tank?

Shaheen said...

Wow what a lovely blog post sharing so much positivity over the Summer. I love the pebble ideas, just surprised that people are honest to put it back! I am trying to think If i have been to the Horniman Museum and I don't think so, but I could be wrong. It is def. the season of Melas, there were a few in the cities of .Wales, inc. Cardiff and Swansea - And finally as Queenie Patch writes Look after your eyes! If the problem persists, do seek medical advice x

Sheryl said...

Hello Barbara, looks like you have been out and about enjoying the summer days, thank you for sharing your interesting photos and pretty sewing. Hope the eye problem gets better. see you at the PPPP.