Sunday, October 07, 2018

Polka Dot Lady and a Well Dressed Cotton Reel

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been itching to finish this little lady so that I can share pictures, but it was slow stitching because I’ve been worrying for a while about being unable to comment on most Blogger blogs, and trying to find out what had caused the problem! Thank you to those of you who helped me finding a way to comment! 

Oh, the glitch has since disappeared, but because of my experience I have now changed to a Pop Up Window on my own blog ..... just in case what happened to me happens to you, and you are only able to comment on Pop Up Windows! 

Hope this doesn't cause you any problems.

But back to my Polka Dot lady ..... who was yet another impulse make!

I’d been looking at Pinterest and spotted a pin for “Dolly Pincushion” by Magdalena Franco ..... you will find the tutorial HERE. (You will find Magdalena's dolly has a different face ..... I had to play the hard way and embroider proper eyes, although they are really far too far apart!)

As soon as I saw her I wanted to start stitching, and eagerly downloaded the pattern, chose my fabrics, and started cutting. In case you want to make one I would say be ultra careful about seams. If the seam isn't quite right ..... it will show, so stitch very slowly and carefully!

Of course I realised I'd made a mistake as I started embroidering ..... I should have cut a larger piece of fabric for her face, so that it would fit in an embroidery frame! Luckily I do have one teeny embroidery frame in which I managed to keep the fabric while I worked out how to embroider a face. Her eyes and lips were satin stitch ..... a sort of stem stitch for her eyebrows ..... and a couple of short stitches gave her the allusion of a nose!

She took quite a while to finish. I found the stuffing hard to do! I showed a photo of her on my last post, then afterwards I took out most of the stuffing ...... her face wasn't quite right! She was stuffed with polyester toy filling and rice. I found her hard to finish ..... trying to keep the stuffing in and stitch the base closed. I added a piece of plastic in the base to hold the rice in place. That helped quite a lot!

She was well worth the effort, and I'd definitely make her again in an instant, but I don't think DH would like another one around the house! Tee hee!


While I was making the Polka Dot Lady I got slightly distracted with a DrEAMi moment! One of those moments when you just have to drop everything and make it! Oops, I missed the link up, but I wanted to let see any way!

You see the "cotton reel" in the picture? I know, its plastic! And all the time it had thread on it I just hated it, couldn't wait to finish it and throw it away! You know what? The minute I finished it I couldn't part with it! After all, it is a vintage reel, bought in the 80's, probably!

I found it was very good for popping my scissors in, then when I'm stitching my cross stitch ..... well any stitching really ..... it's easier to pick up the scissors!

Sooo, then I started thinking pockets and things, for the cotton reel ..... or a pincushion maybe!

And one thing lead to another! And using the same method as the Coffee Koozie, I made a "jacket" for my cotton reel, madness I know!!!

All it needed was a popper to complete my Well Dressed Cotton Reel!

The jacket will be handy for "resting" needles too.

And here are both my finishes, once again!

Tee hee! Hope you enjoyed popping by! Come back soon to see what else "I just had to make"!

Oh, and have you had problems commenting lately?

Oops, late Linking to Amanda Jean's "Crazy Mom Quilts"

Barbara xxx


Kim said...

Oh how cute that little cotton reel pretty for your scissors is; how imaginative of clever! Your little polka dotted miss is fabulous. You know, I think her eyes are perfect. I think they give her an intelligent look....intelligent and beautiful.....bellissimo!!

Pamela said...

Nice finishes. Very creative!

Queeniepatch said...

You always make such colorful and charming items. Things that cheer up. I am sure Miss Polka Dot will become a dear lodger in your household.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Polka Dot lady looks great, neat idea for your scissors

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

What great finishes! I love your lady, she’s got such a perfect face, I think she comes with the right amount of ‘properness’ .
Thanks for the information on blogger blogs too. I’ve been struggling to comment, but have since found that I have to use Chrome, not Safari on my IPad, then it seems to work more often than not, though if I wish to comment whilst using Safari it just doesn’t work. I really don’t know why they want to make life so difficult!

Christine B said...

Lovely projects finished Barbara and I am glad that you finally got your problems with commenting sorted! Have a lovely week! Christine xx

Julie said...

Polka dot lady looks superb, well done.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad you managed to get the commenting issue sorted out. And your polka dot lady is perfect! I love the pink hair and her wonderfully embroidered face. And what a fun way to repurpose a thread reel...rather brilliant if you ask me. A thought - if you find it tends to tip over, I wonder if gluing something like a heavy washer to the bottom might help?

Lin said...

Lovely lady and the cotton reel cosy is a brilliant idea. Would look even better on a wooden reel! No problems commenting here. xx

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I like her eyes spaced apart, it adds character to her expression. A good tip about the cotton reel, thank you.

Rhona said...

Wonderful finishes! I love the little cotton reel cute!

Bethan said...

What a clever way to repurpose a cotton reel! And such a cute Koozie! Your polka dot lady is awesome x

Faith... said...

She turned out very cute! Congrats on your awesome finish and I think her eyes look fine. I love to repurpose things so great idea on using it for your scissors, hopefully it will keep them right where you can always find them!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Your polka dot lady really is wonderful. I knew she would be fabulous from the start! And your cotton real makeover is clever. You have two great finishes here :)

Astrids dragon said...

She looks great with the reel, both are fun and very creative!

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

Blogger has been giving me headache after headache. I'm glad you got your commenting issues sorted out and are back to sewing! : )

rosey175 said...

That little cozy for the spool! I have a couple of old wooden ones that could use some classy new clothes~ I love Madame Pokey Dot's bonbon hair.

Glad your comment issue got resolved \:D/ Blogger can be so baffling for sure.

Kaisievic said...

Two great finishes, Barbara, very clever of you.

Sheryl said...

Clever work Barbara, such a lovely lady and cute spool cozy

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Polka dot lady is fab, but I really love the cotton reel cozie! I have a couple of chunky (decorate) wooden ones that I think will love the same treatment! Thanks for the inspiration!

handmade by amalia said...

Polka dots rule! I love your pd lady, Barbara.

tubakk said...

So sweet things. I'm like you, one thing lead to another, and suddenly I have many things in process. Some will finish though.

Raewyn said...

Oh what a creative time you had - very cute Polka Dot lady and such a fun idea to make a spool cosy!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The polka dot doll is so lovely, she has such a sweet face.
Nice way to repurpose a cotton reel too.