Monday, October 19, 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness - October - Halloween Preparations

Hello my friends, new and old!      

Thank you for all your comments on my last post! It was lovely to catch up with everyone and see what you are all doing.  

It’s been a funny old year, what with COVID! I’ve been a real coward and haven’t been out shopping at all! I don’t know how everyone copes with wearing masks? DH and I have been out walking with a friend on a nearby common and my friend has asthma and is very scared about catching COVID. So we wear masks even though we can distance from each other safely. Maybe it’s because we are walking uphill and talking but I keep finding I can’t breathe with a mask on!


Today we are here again for Gifted Gorgeousness - run by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching:

"This is our opportunity to show off stitched gifts (primarily cross stitch) we have given or received during the month. The sign up date is 15th, closing at the end of that month.  Visit Jo HERE to read all about it, and maybe sign up too?  And go here to visit and see who else joined in this month."

Here is the “button” provided by Jo to show we are joining her.

March Gifted Gorgeousness

This is my flower for Clare which she has now received. From Quick & Easy Cross Stitch - Issue 60 - May 2000. It was tricky to stitch as the pattern was in colour rather than code and very similar colours they were too! However, I think I will be stitching this again as I was very pleased how it looked.

You may have seen this already on Clare’s blog, and I think her photo is definitely better than mine, tee hee!

No more for Gifted Gorgeousness this month, but I am working on a cross stitch card for my mum's birthday which will obviously qualify as GG next month!

plus this little witch for Jo’s Halloween Blog Hop!

I've been crocheting for many years but I still learnt a new term with this pattern!

FOL - Front of loop 

In case the term is new to you too, you can read all about it here 

This free pattern and many others can be found at Chai Coffee Crochet

I am always  happy extatic (where is spell check now????) to know if you've visited, but I won't know you've been here if you don't comment!

I guess this may be why GrrBlogger (thanks Mary Anne - Mumbling Magpie - for the name change) has made some of these recent alterations to their system, because we can no longer see who has visited us via our Dashboards ..... unless you know better, and if you do perhaps you'd let me know!!!

Anyway, I'd better finish now or no-one will have time to look for the little witch pattern and stitch it!

Oooh, and if you look on Jo's post maybe you might want to join in with the Halloween Blog Hop too! It's great fun! Find out more on Jo's blog here!

I hope you are keeping safe and well!


Barbara xxx


Kate said...

Your cross stitch is just gorgeous. I'm sure your gifts will be appreciated.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

How pretty your gifted gorgeousness for this month is! It is nice to hear from you again, my friend and see what you have been doing.

Lilian said...

El bordado de la flor me parece linda en ese color y esas tarjetas para el cumpleaños de tu madre seguro te quedaran preciosas, voy al chai coffee crochet, no soy de tejer brujas pero talves encuentro algo interesante, gracias por el dato.
Saludos y buena semana!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I agree with you that having a colour chart with very similar colours is tricky to follow but your cross stitch is beautiful. Well worth the extra effort. And your crochet looks fun. I love the fringe :)

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Dear Barbara, your jobs are always ideal!!
Thanks for sharing such interesting links.
Hugs from Spain

Clare-Aimetu said...

The masks steam my glasses up hee hee
Thank you so much for my gorgeous flower, your mum's birthday card looks lovely.

Kim said...

Yes, colour charts are a bit tricky to follow. The cross stitch is lovely. I can well imagine Clare smiled when she opened her gift. Your crochet is fun.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Your cross-stitched flower is so pretty, Barbara! It reminds me of the columbine, which are native here in Colorado. A lovely gift!

Christine said...

I love the aquilegia you stitched for Clare's tree

Elfie said...

That flower is very pretty. It will make a lovely addition to Clare's Flower Tree. I hope your mum has a very happy birthday.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I hate wearing masks too and was actually quite terrified at the thought because I'm violently claustrophobic and can't stand anything over my face. I've actually surprised myself and am getting along with them, provided I don't allow my mind to start to dwell on the fact that I'm wearing it.
I love that beautiful flower - it was well worth the challenges with the chart. And thank you for the shout out too!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

love your cross stitch. I always enjoy looking but just go back to embroidery. We are staying in as much as we can except for a biweekly trip to the store and whatever doctor appts are necessary which is all too often with Terry. It is difficult for him to wear a mask so when it gets too much for him I send him out to the truck and I finish the errand. His cardiologist suggested that he use the paper mask as they are easier to breathe through. We bought a box and will give it a try.
Stay well and safe.
xx, Carol

Diana Moriel said...

The flower is beautiful, I can tell it's going to be a gorgeous card. I hope you can show us the doll when you finish.

Faith... said...

Your flower for Clare looks beautiful, so colorful. The masks are difficult but I NEVER go out with out it.


Me encanta ver tus nuevos retos y proyectos, la flor te quedó muy bien, tengo ganas de ver esa tarjeta.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month with a lovely flower for Clare and next month's sneak peek too!

I am not keen on the masks, I prefer a visor myself. But I did discover that they are quite nice when it is cold! I walked down the town centre today and found that out.

I don't really find the new Blogger that different, I am not sure what you mean about seeing who has visited, the stats are still there on the Dashboard?

Christine B said...

What a beautiful project you finished this month Barbara. I hope you continue to keep safe and well! Hugs Christine xx

Let's Get Sewing said...

The cross-stitch is so lovely!

Bethan said...

Such a lovely piece for your friend Clare. I love your crochet colours and the hair looks so effective! I have heard FOL before, when I was learning to crochet. That term made me realise I had been crocheting wrong as I had been using only the FOL all the time!

Sheryl said...

Pretty cross stitch flower Barbara and your little witch looks interesting. It´s always so nice to receive a handmade card, your mum will be delighted. shop ones are very expensive here in Spain.

MARIELA Inspirada said...

This cross stitched flower is so beautiful Barbara!!! I see the little witch will be so lovely when you finish her.
And the card for your mother will the best gift, so preetty what you're stitching for her!

We didn't go out at all through this crazy year, and now When we go for a little walk I see I need to do more exercise, because being always in house makes me very lazy, and wearing masks is not comfortable. But We use them anyway every time we go outside for shopping.

Husg, besitos...

Astrids dragon said...

A very pretty and colourful flower, it will make make a lovely addition to her tree.
Sweet stitching for your Mum, always nice to receive a handmade/stitched card.