Thursday, February 03, 2022


Hello stitching buddies, old and new!

I've not been here for so long I didn't know how to start up again! 

So ........ I'm just going to jump in and say that I have been stitching lots of cross stitch last year and most of it is over on Instagram - you can find me there as "flashinscissors"

I didn't manage to finish any WIPs last year thanks to my Cancer, and hospital appointments.. I mainly stitched small cross stitch projects that I could carry with me. and for WIPocolypse this year I am going to try to finish a few of those things I started in 2021:


In the days before my operation I quickly half-made a little bag with the aim of having something with me, to finish in hospital! Although, of course, I wasn't able to do much ...... mostly I slept! But using a big stitch and DMC random thread I was able to stitch the lining in place around the top and finish a row of stitches around the handles. 

I intended stitching some tiny embroideries to decorate the bag.  Crabapple Studios were running a SAL on Instagram at the time I made my bag, with a free download of patterns of tiny embroideries.  I didn't join in at the time because I was mainly stitching the tiny monthly cross stitch calenders from CrossStitcher magazine, for my monthly page markers on Instagram and so this year I aim to stitch those darling little embroideries from Crabapple Studios  


Then later last year I started making another larger bag ..... to carry all the paraphenalia I would want with me when I went for my Chemopherapy. Ha ha, of course Chemo has been and gone and the bag is still not finished. There probably isn't much more to do either .....

Then, of course a WIPocolypse post wouldn't be complete without this project I've been stitching for many years, it is getting closer to a finish, ha ha!

Cocoa Sampler

And I have already started a couple of new projects this year!

This will be a scarf/wrap/sweater

Most evenings I've been knitting the scarf/wrap thing as I'd like to finish it while its still chilly weather, but it's slow going.  I need to knit until it's 52" long and I'm about half-way. So I'm investigating different ways of speeding it up - Continental Knitting and ....... oops sorry this is probably too much for today so maybe there will be another post about this soon! (Well OK soonish)

"Snow Place Lke Home"
From CrossStitcher magazine - Jan 2021

 I've even started knitting socks now

Who knows, maybe I'll do better at finishing this year!?!?

Happy 2022 everyone!, 


Barbara xxx! 

Now I'm off to visit some of you. See you soon!!!.


Kate said...

I taught myself to knit Continental style and it really speeds up you knit stitches. Not so much for the purl stitches but it is easier on your wrists. Your tension will not be the same as English style.

Kim said...

Barbara I didn't know you were dealing with cancer. What a tumultuous year you must have had Its wonderful to read that you are no longer undergoing chemo and that you have had your surgery. Here's to a better and healthier new year for you. You have some lovely projects to work on. The scarf/wrap sweater is fabulous. Goodness, it is a long one. It has been lovely to visit you again, Barbara. Please take care.

Queeniepatch said...

It was lovely to hear from you, although your news saddened me. I hope you have most of your struggle behind you and can take on new challenges and finish up some of those WIP projects with new energy.
It is natural to sleep a lot to recover, so I think you did very well with those stitches on the bag.
Naw take good care of yourself.
All the best

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

Dear Barbara, I'm glad to hear from you again!
You have done beautiful work.
Take care of yourself.
Kisses from Spain

Diana Moriel said...

I'm glad to read from you again on your blog, though I've seen you a lot on Instagram. You have a lot of pretty projects to work for this year, I hope you will show us when you finish. Oh and you know? I just started a scarf/wrap sweater too, so you have made me curious about the continental style of knitting, now I'm going to have to find out how it's done.

JustGail said...

Welcome back to the blog! I'm glad the chemo is over with, and hope you never have to face that foul cancer sh... stuff again.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I would say, with all you had happening in your life, that you did quite well with creativity throughout. I'm happy that your treatments are over and that you're back blogging again. I always look forward to seeing what projects people are doing from Crabapple - my computer absolutely refuses to allow me to check their web site to see what goodies they have on offer. It screams dire warnings at me every time I try (hmmmm....maybe the computer knows I don't need any more projects to tempt me??).

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

Happy New Year, Barbara. It's nice to you back. I hope you are recovered now. Good luck with all these WIPS :)

Clare-Aimetu said...

So lovely to see you blogging and sharing all your news. Good luck with all your 2022 plans, stay well x

Mary said...

I am very glad that you are doing well. You have many beautiful projects on your WIPocolypse challenge. Your knitted scarf/wrap/sweater is really pretty and I love your stitching.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Hi Barbara, Good to see you back on the blog, guess what I am to I have just been sorting most of my photo's out and just trying to get back into all the settings. I will still be using Instagram though.
Take care of yourself
best wishes
Julie C x

Faith... said...

You were missed here! I know I follow you on IG but I am not as good on there so I tend to avoid it. I know when you are going through chemo you don't want todo anything but sleep oh and I wanted to be sick a lot! You have certainly kept yourself busy with lots of projects and I look forward to seeing some progress on them. I do love your bag!


Me alegra mucho que estés recuperada y que hayas estado entretenida con todos los trabajos que nos muestras... proyectos terminados y nuevos...hay que mantenerse ocupada.



Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely to see you back blogging again! The white and blue bag is lovely, and so will the chemo bag be when it's finished😂. The cross stitching is looking great and I'm very impressed that you are "socking"!!! Is the scarf/wrap just one long rectangle? Lovely wool xxx

Astrids dragon said...

I almost missed this post!
Your little bag is adorable and what a nice thing to hear that your chemo has been and gone... even though you didn't get your big bag finished.
I'm not sure I remember seeing your Cocoa Sampler before, that's a sweet one. I love you pink house too!