Thursday, April 02, 2015

Locket Key Purse

Hello Dear Readers,

We went walking yesterday and spotted these wild cowslips growing nearby on the chalk downland. They are the first we have noticed this year, but with some warm weather they will be out in all their full glory soon. The wild flowers are due to the City of London Commons management system, whereby they don't cut the grass but allow sheep and cattle to graze on the Common which in turn allows a spectacular display of wild flowers to flourish, including orchids, primroses and violets, during the spring and summer months.

That will be a picture worth seeing!  Watch this space.......

Now, have I mentioned that I like to make small things, and love to add embroidery?  The tiny purse I showed recently is one of a group. And I guess you could call this one a locket. I made it to carry my keys during the summer, as many of my summer clothes have no pockets.

Front - Sussex Puff, Shisha mirror with beads and Woven Picot stitch

The flowers are, from left to right: Sussex Puff with button and beads, embroidered shisha mirror again with beads and woven stitch with french knots in the centre, stitched on Osnaburg (which is described as a utility" fabric, used for tea-towels for example - well, it's cheaper than linen and I like the look and feel of it!).

Back - showing stitches: feather, running, long stitch and French knots

The back of the purse is patchwork, made up from scraps of patterned cotton fabric, and embroidered with Perlè cottons.  The stitches are: feather, running, long stitch and french knots;  and the front and back are joined with stab stitches to appear to be running stitches.  All these stitches and more can be seen in Sharon Boggon's Stitch Dictionary "In a Minute Ago".

Sharon is on a break at the moment but has been blogging on Pin Tangle for 11 years (mainly about Crazy Quilting and Crazy Quilting stitches) and is also responsible for the brilliant "Take a Stitch Tuesday", which has held the attention of many of us over the last few years.  I, myself, have found her a great inspiration which indeed led me to starting this blog.  (Thank you very much Sharon).  I was hoping to join in with the Take a Stitch Tuesday "event" but unfortunately I was too late as Sharon started her break at Christmas and I started my blog just after that!   If Sharon's lovely blog is new to you, let me assure you you will find lots of wonderful stitching interest there!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter.


(I have no affiliation to Sharon and the views expressed above are my own!)

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your little purse is very sweet! You are so right about how giving Sharon is - I did what I think was her first TAST 'class', along with taking part the year she did a monthly colour challenge. She gives so much of herself to the stitching world.