Thursday, April 09, 2015

Knitted Tunic - Lune in Brushed Fleece by Rowan - update

Hello Dear Readers,

Knitting so far!

Oh! How can I get more knitting done?

Last Sunday I knitted about four rows while I watched Poldark - I guess I couldn't take my eyes off the screen long enough and it was hard to concentrate on my knitting!   Now I have to undo those rows as there was a mistake the row before I started knitting that evening.

Why didn't I see that before I started?  I know, I should have counted my stitches when I finished the pattern row - well I will in future.

This is quite an easy pattern (yfwd, sl 2, K1, p2so, yfwd, K3) with one pattern row followed by two knit rows, a purl row and then when I started to knit the next pattern row there weren't enough stitches, and I now have to rip it back yet again!  The wool is dark and quite thick so it is hard to see the stitches on the needle properly - well that is my excuse.

Unfortunately, I don't think this will be finished till Autumn!

I am on Ravelry and have just added my blog address there.  So I thought I would show an update on my current knitting. There will be more knitting to come too, if I can finish this tunic.

I wrote the above during the week, intending to post but never did and now it's almost time for Poldark again!

I'm ready to knit again tonight, having undone rows, knitted again, and undone again!  But I will get more done tonight!  Nothing can go wrong this time!


Dare I ask?  What are you knitting?

Barbara xx
My Pattern
This is the tunic I am knitting

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