Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cotton Reel Tidy

Spring view

Hello Dear Readers

As spring now seems to have arrived, and indeed we are just entering into British Summer Time here in England, I thought a picture of the local countryside would be a different start to this post.

Do you find that when searching for the right cotton reel for a project you are working on, you then have to untangle the reel from all the rest - no matter how often you had tidied them up?   I certainly do!   So I thought I'd try to devise something to solve the problem.

Cotton reels with "Tidy"

I have tried making small cards similar to those used for keeping floss cottons and labelled them up with the cotton reel number, but then found when I needed a small length of cotton to sew a button, or a popper I was still going straight to the cotton reel.   So those saved lengths stayed where they were!   That wasn't the idea.

So, back to the drawing board, I considered, what did I need exactly?   Something to save those short lengths!  And came up with this idea to neatly and securely save 3 individual lengths around a cotton reel.  Now you might say, "Oh, I don't need that!  Why don't you just wrap them all round the cotton reel!"  But if I do that I can never find the right end to undo, so they all have to come off again!


All you need is some card (cereal box,  perhaps), ruler, pencil and sharp cutting blade and scissors to cut out the indentations.  The idea of the indentations is (I guess, probably obvious) to keep the cotton together.  The measurements can be seen above but just in case you cannot read them:

Large "Reel Tidy" is 4.5 x 2cm with indentations of 0.5mm (with a depth of 0.5mm)
And the smaller "Reel Tidy" is 2.5 x 2cm with indentations at 0.6mm intervals (with a depth of 0.5mm)

The blue cotton reel in the background is a paper prototype.

Another view of Cottons

Another view of the Tidy

I have found this has improved my cotton reel storage!

Do you think this would help you?

I'd love to know if  you've seen or bought something that does the same thing, as I haven't.


I wondered why I hadn't had any responses from a couple of bloggers whose blogs I commented on.  Then a friend told me I'm set up as a "no reply" blogger.  Can anyone tell me where on the Blogger Dashboard I can change the "no reply" setting, so that I can then receive replies?  I have searched and cannot find it.

Can you help please?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

That's a brilliant solution - so much better than the birds nest snarl I always end up with! Really hope someone can help with the 'no reply' thing!!

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea!
Thank you for visiting my blog, my reply email to you keeps bouncing back so I'll reply here if that's OK? Thank you for the bag of pockets idea, it sounds just what my little sewing group would like to do.
I can't help you with your no reply blogger problem but I do know that Blogger and Wordpress have communication issues, where although I see your email you wont see mine unless I put it in the comment box!
Chris x