Friday, April 03, 2015

A walk in the English Countryside (Can anyone help me with Blogger Margins please?)

Hello, Happy Easter everyone.

I'm afraid I'm asking for help again!  Although I've recently worked out how to change my margins now my pictures and my gadget column are a bit too close, would anyone be able to tell me what amount they need to be set at to be neater?  I currently have 1000 for the main column and 260 for the gadget column.    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

I thought I'd just share a couple of views from yesterday, when, although it was very chilly, it was a nice bright day, so d.h. and I took a quick walk in the countryside.

On the common

On our walk we passed this lovely Dew pond, overlooked by some old houses which look a little ecclesiastical. Possibly old alms houses?

Dew Pond

About a year ago local residents formed a working party and restored this lovely Dew Pond.   It's looking really healthy now and if you enlarge the picture there are lots of daffodils. 


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sorry to say I'm not much help re the columns. I'll have a look when I'm poking about on my blog next time and see what I can see that might help. Hopefully someone else can give you some hints. Love your photos. I really want to open that gate and see what's beyond!!

FlashinScissors said...

Hi Mary Anne, Thank you for your kind comments. You have been so helpful with blogging ideas. I'll have to take a picture of the view beyond - when we get some sunshine! Happy Easter to you. Barbara x