Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bobbin lace and a bag

Recently I was going to publish a post asking if there were any bobbin lace makers in the "bloggesphere" when I found the pictures of Deanna7trees of eclectic-meanderings' lace and the lovely bag that she made to carry her lace bobbin pillow.

The following, and the picture bottom left on this blog, are from a kit I bought a couple of years ago.  I thought if I managed to make these items I might take some lessons.  However one of the kind ladies at the handicraft group I attend is quite an expert and she kindly puts me right when I find I am a little stuck on how to do it!  I know there are classes locally but I can't find the time to attend them at the moment.

This is my wip. It wasn't easy to photograph!

Close up

Bobbins on pillow

Carrying bag
Bag for lace pillow
Bobbin lace and a bag

Its coming along slowly....


deanna7trees said...

oh it looks wonderful and i love the bag you made to carry your work. bobbin lace is a slow working craft but very meditative and so beautiful when completed.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I was blown away by all those pins in the first picture and THEN I saw all those bobbins!! I would never, in a million years, be able to keep them all straight and I just know I'd end up with a snarled up mess. I can handle your bag, but I think I'll stay far away from bobbin lace (other than to admire it).

Annet said...

Fun to see you're learning to make bobbin lace. I remember watching my ant making these when I was a kid, loved the rhythm of the bobbins! Looking forward to see the finished lace.