Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - March 2018

"GIFTED GORGEOUSNESS" ..... a monthly link party run by the wonderful Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, where we post about stitching gifts we have received or given, or indeed anything related to the word "gift". Link runs from the 15th until the end of the month. If you would like to find out more and maybe join up go HERE!

Read all about who's joining in with the March GG HERE (on Jo's blog).

Hello my friends,

Gosh, doesn’t time fly! It’s been a while since last I blogged and I’ve been very busy stitching in that time. I have four projects to show you.

I’ve finished this little brooch:

The Flashing Scissors
"Love & Roses"

Perhaps you recall me saying "Love & Roses" was a gift from Cross Stitcher (March issue No 328), and as such qualifies for GG.

The Flashing
Spider Web Ribbon Roses
I bought the magazine specifically for the free gift! I really enjoyed stitching my first spider web ribbon roses ..... something I’d been meaning to try for simply years! I was never really sure what type of ribbon to use.

The Flashing Scissors

Oops, sorry, I know some of you don't like creepy crawlies and the like ..... but it's not real, and I think it looks quite sweet actually.

I wasn’t looking forward to stitching the bee, which was a mixture of cross stitch with backstitched wings. I started stitching on the left wing first, and I think you can probably see that by the time I worked the right wing I'd got the hang of it!

The Flashing Scissors

I found it quite testing stitching the "cross stitches" on this fabric, and despite using a hoop the fabric gathered a little as I worked. I was careful to stretch the piece when I stitched it to the felt, so that the fabric didn’t look too pulled.

I was pleased with the finish of this brooch, and it was nice to try something I don't normally stitch, but I think I’ll stick to either cross stitch or embroidery on their own in future!


A couple of weeks ago I entered a Giveaway on Catherine’s blog (Hillview Embroidery), and I was very lucky to win this lovely beading kit! 

If you haven't visited Catherine, on her blog she writes about her experiences as she studies at the Royal School of Needlework to earn her RSN Certificate in Hand Embroidery - Hillview Embroidery, and has recently been talking about the pretty Milleflori button brooch she has been working on, which is a project that will definitely have to go on my "to do" list! Do pop over and have a look if you haven't already!

And so, very soon I will be experimenting with beading for the first time.

Thank you again, Catherine, for the lovely giveaway prize.

The Flashing Scissors


Another gift which I received a while ago is this one, and its seen a lot of progress this month mainly thanks to IH&SW.

The Flashing Scissors
Stitch by Stitch” by Anchor 

The Flashing Scissors

The Flashing Scissors

There are six rounds of stitching forming a frame, and then a picture within ..... which I’m really looking forward to working on.


And this is my latest new start, a freebie from The World of Cross Stitching (Issue 266) 

The Flashing Scissors

It's grown a bit since this picture, but no time for another picture yet!


I'm off to start another little project for Jo's Easter blog hop (if you want to join in, pop over to Jo's blog to read all about it!)

Happy Stitching everyone!

Barbara xx


Anonymous said...

beautiful work Barb,well done xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty nice gifties if you ask me! Those ribbon roses look spectacular.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Barbara, I love your little Bee Happy stitching. It has such great little details and such various stitches, it just looks fantastic.
The frame has grown a lot and now I'm very curious to see the picture that will be inside.

Christine said...

Lovely finish on the Cross Stitcher cover gift

Pamela said...

Very nice!

Justine said...

Beautiful stitching as always! I especially like Bee Happy and I think your bee is perfect!

Elfie said...

Your brooch is delightful. Those roses are magical. Well done! Good luck with the beading - but be aware that it is very addictive!

Lin said...

Lovely work Barbara - the brooch is gorgeous. xx

Ariadne said...

I loved the brooch you made.The roses look lovely!AriadnefromGreece!

Beth in IL said...

Very nice!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your ribbon roses are gorgeous!

rosey175 said...

I think ribbon embroidery has such a lovely feel to it! All that texture helps too haha. It's neat to see a stitched frame too!

Sheryl said...

Your brooch is lovely Barbara, pretty colours and beautiful ribbon roses, and what a lucky win from Catherine.

Mini said...

You make some of the most interesting embroidery projects. In my home country India , embroidery is done on big things like bedsheets, apparels, table clothes, no one makes these cute things as you. Good progress on cross stitch projects.

jocondine said...

Love your ribbon roses, still have to try this. So nice finish. xxx

Kaisievic said...

Your brooch is so lovely, Barbara and lots of other great GG action happening, too.

Clare-Aimetu said...

That's a beautiful brooch, congratulations on your win and welk done on your starts

handmade by amalia said...

The little brooch is so sweet, Barbara, and I love the pretty colors, perfect for spring. Sorry I've been absent, it's been crazy busy for a couple of weeks, but I'm back now :-)

Wendy said...

You have been busy! The little freebie turned out lovely

France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

Those are beautiful stitching projects. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll stitch inside the frame. This is intriguing. And I just love the brooch!!!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is a great collection of gifts. I love the brooch. It is a very pretty design and I think the combination of the different stitches is beautiful :)

Slow Marks said...

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Slow Marks said...
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